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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Nothing to Rave About

Been rather quiet this week. Only story I have to tell is... Last Friday Hubby called to see about the delivery of our new leather couch and was told it would be on the truck Monday or Tuesday. I made a point of staying home both days and no Couch. So, I call and they tell me...."its not on the list". Well, that wouldn't be so bad except that Dear Hubby took the OLD couch apart on Sunday to make room.
-This is not a happy face- I am not a happy Girl!!!-
On Wed. the guy who sold us the couch calls the company to see WTF and is told that there was a run on the color of leather I chose this summer and they haven't even -started- to make it. That it won't be here for 2-3 WEEKS!!
-This is not a happy FACE-I am NOT a happy Gerrrrl!!!-
Hubby took the cushions from the old couch and put them on the yard lounge.. Gawd..wish I had a picture of THAT. But, now he has the old recliner in the Living room. Its kinda tore up. Was gonna recover it soon.. but its better then squatting on the floor (basically).

So, mmm, and as far a knitting goes. I started a feather and fan scarf out of a lovely tourqoise Lorna's Lace worsted weight. Which after all the sweaters is just what I needed.

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