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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marshall's Birthday Present

See what Bill made for Marshall for his 27th Birthday!!
Isn't this pretty? I know its hard to see but the large dial on the right is a Barometer/temp/humidity. The one on the left is a clock that can be turned to face whatever direction.
The woods are Cherry from our old Royal Anne tree that needed to be cut down and Oak from a neighbor who has long since moved away. The copper is from the last telephone pole they replaced. It was the grounding wire and the phone co. just left it.
I think its really cool. Looks like something from But, its still cool. Its sitting on a little table on my stairway landing.
Bill also made us a table clock. Pictured below
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PICAdrienne said...

Those are both beautiful. He is very talented. What woods does he like to work with? What are you knitting right now, or have you started holiday stuff that is currently not bloggable?