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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Off knitting for a bit

Valerie from my Thursday knit group asked if I could fire something that had been china painted. They were China painted by her GRANDMOTHER!! OMG.. thats not to scary is it??
So I ordered the cones (temperature guides) and they came Friday.
For those of you who don't know me well. I have been a ceramic artist since 1985. I've messed with just about every kind of clay there is.. except precious metal clay..which I'll get to eventually.

Anyway.. Deep breath... Today is the day. I'm going to run a test on one of the tiny cups. I brought the little kiln in and put it on the back porch. China paint stinks like burning cloves or whatever they used as a base medium. Oh ya I can smell it now..uck. Timers ticking.. My little kiln has no kiln sitter.. its simply..plug in .. unplug. So I have to watch the cone to see when it starts to bend.

I was so nervous about all of it that I even called Seattle pottery supply for advice. They said, I seemed to have a good handle on how to do it so.. fingers crossed!! Pictures will follow....

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