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Friday, January 14, 2011


Definition: The inner ear has fluid-filled tubes called semicircular canals, or labyrinths. The canals, along with a nerve in your skull, help interpret your body's position and maintain your balance.

I had a virus just after Thanksgiving. The usual thing with stomach etc. But, it had some dizziness associated with it too but it went away quickly. Ever since I've felt off. Not dizzy but, well, off.

Wed. woke up with vertigo.. not spinning..just kinda drifting feeling. OMG I'm having a stroke I thought.. but it went away. Thurs. woke up..MUCH worse. Emergency room FAST!! 6 Hours later and a CT scan and MRI (OMG never wanna do that again!!) they decided I had Labyrinthitis. Oh ya, AND I have a brain and all in all it looks pretty good. WHO KNEW!?
Now Friday and I'm navigating ok. Haven't had to take the pills they gave me.. basic Dramamine type. Still off but not drifting away today. No quick movement recommended tho.. YOW. Scary. But, at least not a stroke! End of Old lady whine and snivel

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Unknown said...

Nasty thing to have but good you checked it out and even better that it's starting to go away. Heartily agree about MRIs - I had one too and because I thought that only my head would go inside, didn't ask for a sedative. Being inside a close-fitting cylinder is no place for anyone claustrophobic! - Aussie S