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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Church of the Holy Stitch

Christmas party for the "Church of the Holy Stitch" held at Blanche's beautiful house over looking Lake Washington.

Left to right.(standing)...Sheila, Cindy, Sandra, Kari, Jennifer, Blanche, Christina, Jeannie, Katie, Elsa, Valerie
(sitting) l-r...Pearl, Linda, Anna Maria, Annie(me)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Ed Tipler said...

Hi, Anne & Bill..... also Jerico, Wyatt & Marshall.
My computer crashed with your website and email info. Then we went through an awful period starting about 6 years ago with our middle son Daniel's brain cancer... he died 4 years ago. Taken a long time to recover, etc.
Ed Tipler, Ridgecrest Ca

Anne Turner said...

Well you must have found it all again. I'm surprised!
We're all doing well here. Kids grown and making their own ways in the world. Only one that lives and on is Jerico. When he's not out at sea working.
Bill was surprised you commented on here too!
Sorry about your of my best friends died of same. Not easy. Your not supposed to outlive your kids.

Ed Tipler said...

Only found this blog... not too hard to find you, all in all. Could you reply to my email so I can put you back in ??
WELL, thinking of retiring next Oct 2012... 35 years in here at the "death factory". Do you hear from Bette and Dixie ?? Thanks.