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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

glass melting

Been doing alot of interesting stuff with my small kiln.   Top picture is Liz's drip stained glass pieces.  There was supposed to be a hole in both of them so they will have to be remelted but the color swirls are so cool.  To bad the picture doesn't show it.
 Middle picture is what people have been calling a 'space odyssey'.  Its a combination of stained glass with clear and red beads melted over the top.  Beads are working pretty well.
  Bottom was me using up cheap colored beads that turned clear or white on me except for the red and blue.. obviously.
  This has been a steep learning curve but I'm really enjoying it   Liz has tons of stained glass chunks that she inherited.
 Next I think we will move on to the big kiln and try large glass slumping.

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