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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The BLUE room

My Corner
When Marshall moved out, I took over his room. I've been gradually redecorating it. Its a nice cozy place to spin in front of a nice bright window. Haven't done anything with the walls yet but I'm getting to it. A little more everyday.
I went shopping for pillow shams and prints for the walls but after getting the pillows taken care of and looking at the prints available, I think I may do a large painting. Maybe, something with ladies sitting around a table knitting.. and spinning. Now where have I seen that before?? mmm...Maybe, I'll put Roger in a hat with big feathers!! Joking Roger..I need to capture your high
Now, I have to go buy a canvas and some I need another hobby!! Well, we shall see. Maybe, I forgot how to paint? LOL.. wish me luck.

The Other side of the BLUE room
Bill bought this Tapestry when he was stationed in Germany. It used to hang on our Living room wall about 23 years ago. When we remodeled the living room and removed the wall that it once hung on. I don't think that Marshall has seen it anywhere except in pictures. It was always one of my favorite things.

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