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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally, Knitting content

Well, I've been putting this off. My camera and my computer don't get along very well anymore. So, its a big deal to try to take pictures of any of my projects.
I finished the the lace shrug of Ecru Rowan Calmer. I made the sleeves a little longer. I noticed alot of women looking at the shrug while I was at knit group in a large bookstore/food court. I don't think I had a booger? Or a kick me sign on my slowly shrinking Ass. As my husband suggested!
I'm now working on Lace Knee highs from Knitting Vintage Socks-Nancy Bush. Page 75 .. I think. In ecru baby Ull by Dalegarn. I've never done such long socks. Oh..I was surfing blogs and came across a pair of thigh high, knitted fishnet stockings with skulls worked into them. If you remember whos blog that is, could you email me! I wanna make those!! I have a couple friends who would LOVE them.
Another thing I'm working on is a Bolero from Alchemy, yarns of transformations

This I'm making out of Pink tweedish stuff I spun. It starts at the point in the back and worked up in one piece. Oh, I know its a big arrow pointing at my butt. I'm hoping it will be ok. I think I'll have the closure at the bottom of the front so you won't get that gappishness by the pits in the back.

Other Knittish news is that my black and white fleeces are back from Dawn's custom carding! She makes the roving up in Bales. This time its Pencil roving. I barely have to do anything to it but hold on!!
These were given to me by a co-worker of my lovely husband. One black one white (the fleeces, not the co-worker). I was told that the black was only good for rugs. It is..sigh. But its really tough so thats a plus and its easy to spin. I was worried that it would be brittle and only good for stuffing pillows. The white is much nicer even if its not Merino. I can see making something Aran in it. Its really nice to spin..not smooth like I've always spun before but very springy and crimpy. Its very forgiving. You know how some roving sometimes snaps out of your hand while spinning. This, just about, can't. I tried spinning it super fine..1 hair and some air and it stayed tight. It was nice. I spun up and plied a few yards. It has a tendency to fluff or cloud. I think it will be very pretty..if a little rough.
Lets see .. I think that makes me officially a spinner.. I have about 24 lbs of roving tucked around this house. I'm sure I left out all the little baggies of tencil and angora etc.
I'll try to get some pictures of the shrug and my sockies.
Otherwise things in my life are settled down. No accidents.. weddings..babies.. Alls quiet, for the moment.


Anonymous said...


Are these the ones?

Anne Turner said...

No, the ones I saw were more black fishnet but these are interesting. Thanks a ton for the link!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a big arrow telling people where to smooch if they don't like it!

diosaperdida said...

I think I saw that stocking pattern here

diosaperdida said...

oops..someone else thoght so too. I get overexcited.

supersonic said...

I got that book, too. I don't know...I thought maybe it was more of a tutorial and haven't used it. How are the patterns? I'm a NOVICE sock knitter, top down lately! :) God I love those vintage skull stockings...gorrrrrrgeous.