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Friday, August 04, 2006

Ouchies all better

So, we rented a trailer and pulled the boys car to our house and quickly disassembled the broken parts. Only took 2 days. Broken nose and the radiator hit the trailer hitch of the truck that he hit.
Bill figures it took about $300 to totally fix it. $150 of that was for a new radiator. He did good.
I know the picture is dark. They finished at dusk It only took 10 days. Its kinda patchwork.. somone suggested I paint lil xxxx's between the colors so it looked like a crazy Silver front, blue middle with a Red tail fin. Eventually he'll get it painted.
My handy hubby out did himself this time! Oh heres some brighter pictures taken the next day.

1 comment:

pinteareed said...

I showed this to Hubby and HE was IMPRESSED! WOW! Wanna fix our car (OK its fine and we live 3000 miles away) ???

--in Jamestown NY--