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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wait, and theres more!!

So, Marshall is afraid to take his car home. He leaves it here at our house. Next day we got up and get an alarm system installed. He's feeling a bit safer. You could feel the tension unknot.
I go to my good friend Cynthia baby shower.. wow what a huge deal that was. Loads of fun.. but I get this feeling that all is not ok at home.
When I arrived home, all is quiet. Whew, maybe I'm PMSing and over-reacting!! So
Q-honey, how are things?
A- Fiiine (don't like how he said that).
Q- Did you hear from Marshall (thinking Yahoo IM)
A-mmm, well, I didn't wanna tell you till morning but somebody hit him and crunched the OTHER fender. Did I mention the guy who stole his car crashed threw a road sign and crunched the passenger fender (one of the ones we just replaced??)
CRAP.... whats next? That makes 3 tell me its over now? I'm praying the guy who HIT HIM doesn't try to say it was the other way around and sue his ass! If I look blue in the face this week its because I'm holding my breath waiting for the Coup de Grace ( or the killing blow).

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