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Knitting, Spinning and family dementia

Friday, October 28, 2005

What I've been doing

Haven't been to inspired the last few weeks. Did finish a beautiful feather and fan scarf made of lornas lace worsted and JUST finished these little fingerless gloves. Made of Knitpicks white Peruvian Silk ..the pink is Cascade something(I forget) Flowers are from Knitpicks Sampler peruvian wool.. I bought the sampler. I'm so in love with it. But, my brain over heats when I look in the box!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What Annie Hates:

It occured to me that what "Annie Hates" might be more interesting

Annie Hates:

-President Bush, Passionately
-people who sniff in public........ snort
-Pink Bikes
-every picture that is taken of her
-bad smells
-beauty pagents
-having her hands bound (well, maybe)
-horror movies
-frogs in her underwear drawer
-her thighs (doh!)

I'm Trying

Been a long couple of weeks. I've had a terrible cold and been so Whinney you wouldn't have wanted me to post anything!

On Knitting.. I finished the Lornas Lace Scarf. Turned out lovely. No pictures.. won't do it justice ,anyway. You'll just have to believe me. I have no Idea what I'll be doing next. BUT, I have to pick something or my brain will overheat. Not a pretty sight!

I'm not ready for Summer to be over. I look in the backyard and its all gold Maple leaves.. snivel, cry. I hate winter! Well, the upside is I get to wear all my pretty cardigans.. guess I should shut up and enjoy.

My friend, Marie, got sworn into the Marines this month! Its what she always wanted.. to blow shit up! Whats funny is she has to grow her hair -out-! She has been shaving her head for years. I think its hysterical. It has to be at least 2 in I -AM- going to miss her when she goes. Sniff! I'm sure Nate, her fiancee, will also. But, we are all very Proud of her. She worked very hard getting her "legal" High school Diploma and loosing 50lb. She's a lean, mean . . blowing shit up. . machine. LOL!

Well, I'm off to dig threw my yarn. I know I have at least 10 sweaters I "could" make. Sigh..

What Annie Needs:

Try typing in "(your name) needs" into google and see what you get. Thanks Teri this was fun.

Annie Needs:

-To stop demanding so much and be grateful for what she has.
-Some Assistance
-A Resurrection
-A job
-A group of 6 people and a room big enough to hold them all and about 2 hours.
-Needs Love
-Some LUCK, right NOW!
-to be unexpectedly fulfilled when she meets up with Sailor Jim.. wait, thats sex again isn't it?
-To be where the action is
-To grow into a Lady ......Pfft!!