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Knitting, Spinning and family dementia

Monday, April 10, 2006

Family Junk

Pregnant Jyll with Eryka, Jayda and Trysten..just thought I'd share. Wyatt (my son) cut Jylls hair.....not bad.

Knitting is still occuring. I finished a shawl for the new baby. Have two sweaters going and like I mentioned below..lots of other stuff.

Been helping my youngest son, Marshall, get his new Apartment fixed up. Bought him some Japanese block print..prints. This is a corner of his new living room......biggest one bedroom apt I've ever been in

Looks nice so far Huh.

Monday, April 03, 2006

And the Knit goes on

As they say, "No rest for the wicked" .. I must be truely wicked! I show up for 30 min at Saturday knit group (I have a thursday one too) and Terri sets one of her new mittens down in front of me and says "can you finish these?" If you've been reading her blog you know her life has been less then Ideal lately. So, of course I say yes! I love the mittens she's making for her book. I actually burst into tears the first time I saw them cuz they were so beautiful. I figure I can post this picture because its the same one she has on her site. It gives a hint to how intricate they are. I'd never done knitting like this before. I've finished one pair for her already and after ripping and frogging and screaming ..and not to little hair tearing..I learned how to strand. I'm hooked. If I can do it .. its not that hard. I can't wait till her book comes out.
Oh, and the reason I only had 30 min to spend with my Saturday Ladies was that I needed to go to an open house for my son Wyatt and his wife Jyll. They had a house warming party for their new house. Friends and family filled the place. I think the party was a huge success. I hear the garage was set up like a boys dream. Beer fridge, Tv, dvd player and all their old couches from the apartment. LOL. I never made it downstairs. My leg was really bothering me and I was lucky to get upstairs in the first place. The house is coming along. I was impressed at all the work they have done.
Oh, and not to leave her out! Cynthia from my Thursday knit group and fellow game player (final fantasy xi) is Pregnant and due in November. I really am gonna have to dust off my Bond knitting frame if I'm gonna get threw baby season! Congrates Cynthia...fingers are crossed that it all goes smoothly. Cynthia is a new knitter. She's mastered hats,scarves and fingerless gloves..I'm going to have to find easy baby patterns. I know I must have a ton in some book.. somewhere. I think I own one of every book ever published on knitting....sigh...yup... to many books not enough time!
My next house is gonna have a library for all my books.