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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer must be here

Pictures from my front yard. It must be Summer

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Marriages all over the Dang place

This is Shane and Kendra..Their wedding will be July 15th. I've known Shane since he was ..mmm.. 13. One of the sweetest guys I've ever known. Longtime best friend of my youngest son, Marshall.
This is their Engagement photo and his Mom hates Oh well :P
When I saw it I actually gasped....its so beautiful! So, them!
AND...Kendra Knits!!
I found out that Marie....of the story 2 down and her longtime boyfriend ,Nate, got married! While she was here on leave. Don't know why she didn't tell me personally but I'm happy for them non the less.

Weddings and Babies

Seed Stitch Cardigan

Saw this on the back of a magazine that came in recently. Its from Classic Elite Yarns
Fell in Love Immediately! I've been spinning some pretty handpainted yarn thats Easter or Baby pastels that would work so well! I just happen to have some lime roving my friend Sascha(Aussie epal) sent me years ago that would really look good as the trim. Its just enough!!

I also, fell in love with a shrug and cami set. From Knit n Style Magazine. I hate the color so would probably do it in white or a seafoam green.. which are yarns I have on hand. I have alot of the seafoam green. Now that I think about it.
So many projects so little time. Just so ya know. Almost done with the baby bunting. Jyll is due in July .. if I'm lucky she won't be early (lucky for me not her). I'm sure she'd like to be done NOW!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Remembering the Girl, Who is Now a Woman

This is my Friend Marie. Known her since the day she was born. Somewhere I have pictures of her younger but these are my favorites. You can see how sweet and a bit outrageous she is.

Never wanted Pink or Girly.. even tho she was always very She was really my son, Marshalls friend. The little Naked 2 year old that showed up after a snow storm wanting Marshall to come play. Oh yes, she had her shoes on.. wrong feet.. but when asked if she was cold..she said," no". About the shoes.. "I like them that way!" Its one of my favorite stories about her.

She was always into crafts. Everything I did.. she wanted to do too. She knits and spins very well. For years we hung out and did crafts.. went to movies and lunches. She used to say the real reason she hung around me was that I fed her. Truth is, she usually did most of the cooking. I even went so far as to try to homeschool her for 2 years. She was always smarter then me but we had fun.

She went away last January to do something SO OUTRAGEOUS that it shocked even her most Unshockable friends. She came back a few days ago and Just Look at her NOW!!!

Can you believe this!! She's studying How to BLOW SHIT UP..Ordinance school. I wish her all the luck in the world. Of course I'm worried about her,also!!

Such a rich and complicated Young woman. So many depths that when you think you've figured her out... she changes. Always keeps life interesting.

Way to go Marie!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My famous Friends.. this is a commercial

This is one of my long(14 years) suffering friends~~
Judy Gregerson
Her new book "The Bad Girl's Club" will be in the bookstores late 2006 early 2007. I'm so excited for her. Please check out her site and buy buy buy

I should also mention, Terri Shea's latest. While the book isn't exactly hers the Cover sweater IS.. Good job terri. You Rock!! "Big Girl Knits" If your a real sized gotta have this book!
She is now waiting for a Publisher to buy her Nordic Mitten book.. fingers crossed.

I wish both these lovely ladies the BEST of luck!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sheepishly Lovely

My husband has a friend at work that owns 2 sheep. One white and one black. I hear that they roam his yard and sleep in the driveway where they nearly get hit..daily.
I know this isn't a good picture. To much sunshine.. imagine that?! The White is lovely with a long staple of about 4-5 in. They are so clean! I'm so excited I don't even know what to write. The black looks like its been picked threw. Its about half as much as the white. The black sheep is rather old and the owner thinks her wool is no good. Or, only good for rugs. Which is fine. I was thinking of making a rug.
As soon as I find a box these are off to Dawns custom carding

Chucks first Turn

Isn't this beautiful!! Bill used the new Chuck for the first time. This pretty bowl is made from a piece of our old cherry tree. The one we planted when Wyatt was born. It died off slowly after we had to chop out a large root. Big mistake but the wood we kept.
Good job Bill!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What I think is Sexy!!

Oh Dear Reader....What really turns a woman on? Is it cologne, flowers or a handsome face?
For me? Mmmm.. the smell of sawdust, linseed oil or fresh mown grass or Clay. When I see a man covered in hard earned saw dust with his safety glass all hazed up.. gives me the shivers. I lie to you..NOT!
Its what brought my husband and I together..Bill's ability to build things. Since we first got married we've worked on building projects together. Fixing up an old farm house then our present house. We built a 2 story addition off the side and a kitchen additon. Just the 2 of us. Those were some of the happiest days of my young life.
So is it any wonder that I actually, gave up my Saturday Knitting group to hang out with these 2 sexy men. My husband, Bill and my youngest son, Marshall. They have been working on refinishing an antique table Bill bought before we met.. over 34 years ago. Its always been to large for our kitchen but will just fit perfectly into Marshalls Dining room.

Here you see the legs of this lovely old table. My husband ran them threw his new lathe to fix broken parts and generally smooth them out.
You can see the Lathe in the picture of Marshall.. its the RED metal dealie. Which has been lovingly named, Scarlet. It should make me Jealous.. but today,

Chuck showed up. Chuck being an attachment for Scarlet. Scarlet is now capable of making bowls.. boxes etc. Can you tell I'm getting excited? Chuck is something for Bill to worry about! Most of you may not know that for years.. since 1986.. I've been a ceramic artist and potter. Things that are ROUND..... turn me Or, maybe its things that go around? Which includes my Spinning wheel.
Gotta run... I hear the table saw!! I smell wood. Mmmmm giggle