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Monday, October 30, 2006

Update on Marshalls table

I'll get a pic of it all put together but for the time being here is the table top. The lace work was to hide where the veneer had peeled many years ago. Its a nice touch.
The legs are sitting in his apartment. We were testing for size. It fits nice. Now we have to find some chairs..before Thanksgiving. He wants to be the Host this year. Should be interesting.

Halloween Kids

Wyatt, Jyll and the kids came by on Sunday in Costume..well the kids were in costume. Except baby Bryce. Putting up this cute picture until his mom can take one of him in his costume.
I think I'll keep all the pictures of Jayda stuffing her face or with jelly smeared on her cheeks for her boyfriends when she grows up. Lol ..Joking. She's such a sweet lil girl it doesn't really matter. Trystens fav. thing right now is .. guess what..Power Rangers. LOL.
And yes.. thats my messy living room/fireplace.

Pictures at LAST

So, I finally got some pictures taken. These are taken on my Stairs landing with my Favorite picture (framed poster) call the Accolade.
These are all my projects for the last 6 months or so. The ones I still have at any rate. I thought I'd be smart and put make up on. One was so Halloween scary witch that I cut my head off..on purpose. Didn't want any screaming babies on my conscience.
#1 is the Purple Fillet crochet cardigan I made from the yarn that my Epal Sascha (in Australia) sent me last year. Really should have taken more pains with my make-up. I look like Liza Minelli.
#2 Is the Pink varigated yarn I spun from fiber I bought from Village Yarn and favorite hang out.
#3 Is the Shrug made of Calmer (cotton) that I just love (that had the witch face, me..cut off)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Pretty

See the pretty I found on Ebay. It will be on a necklace in the near future. I've ordered some tiny frog beads.

Knitting/Crochet....2 more rows on the purple fishnet sweater. Then its just sewing it together and fine tuning the length etc. Pictures when finished.

Socks are parked for the time being. I'm tired of working on them. I am almost at the heel so maybe I will finish them yet!

The weather has turned cold and I've decided to make a felted coat out of the white and black fleeces I just got back from Dawns.
I've had the pattern laying around for Years!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wait, and theres more!!

So, Marshall is afraid to take his car home. He leaves it here at our house. Next day we got up and get an alarm system installed. He's feeling a bit safer. You could feel the tension unknot.
I go to my good friend Cynthia baby shower.. wow what a huge deal that was. Loads of fun.. but I get this feeling that all is not ok at home.
When I arrived home, all is quiet. Whew, maybe I'm PMSing and over-reacting!! So
Q-honey, how are things?
A- Fiiine (don't like how he said that).
Q- Did you hear from Marshall (thinking Yahoo IM)
A-mmm, well, I didn't wanna tell you till morning but somebody hit him and crunched the OTHER fender. Did I mention the guy who stole his car crashed threw a road sign and crunched the passenger fender (one of the ones we just replaced??)
CRAP.... whats next? That makes 3 tell me its over now? I'm praying the guy who HIT HIM doesn't try to say it was the other way around and sue his ass! If I look blue in the face this week its because I'm holding my breath waiting for the Coup de Grace ( or the killing blow).

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wow, what a week

Just a quick catch up. Still working on the SAME socks. I had to rip them back a long way.
Was my hubbys Birthday this week.. so he stayed home several days.

Yesterday, Marshall's car was stolen..he only found out because we bitched him into coming over and working on his dining table which is almost later this week..I promise.

But, the police found his car. They gave him the address and told him to go get it. When he and his dad went to get was gone. We figured the Thief saw the Police and ditched the car in some forest or lake but no.. someone towed it. We didn't find out till evening when the place was closed! I'm not going to complain about the police. They probably had more pressing things then some kids car. He called the towing co.. just as they closed. We know it has fender damage. The one they just replaced after the accident. Sigh. I bet the door and/or the ignition are punched. I'm thinking that car needs to be Feng Sui'd or an Exorcist!! I still can't believe anyone stole it in the first place.......weren't there any crappier cars in the lot? Its just all to Surreal.

Anyway.. spinning night at Village Yarn and Tea tonight.. Yipeee and a baby shower for my friend Cynthia tomorrow. She's gonna pop next month. I'm sure she can hardly wait! Been a long difficult Pregnancy.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Eryka hits the Bigtime!

This is my oldest grand-daughter, The Divine Miss E (or Eryka). She made it into Chorus..Yipee!! She always did like to annoy all of us with..."I feel like a Woman" when she was 3 or
I also hear she's running for class president. Fingers Crossed!!
Its not knitting but I had to share.