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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sorry no Knitting content... More Pictures of Shane and Kendra's Wedding

Marshall (my youngest son) and Shane. They look pretty HOT!!

You may now kiss the Bride.

Kendra is so beautiful.

That Shane is a lucky guy!
But, I think he knows that!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Marshall started his new job the 10 th of July.. and they moved to their new place in Bothell-Sunday. About 30 miles commute difference. Monday was intensely hot and bright. Evidently, Marshall didn't see the two trucks in front of him jam on their brakes.. chain reaction accident and blam..his lil Probe made friends with a Ford F-150 (pickup, 4x4).. slid under the bumper and Trailer Hitch. He's ok.. maybe a vertebre out in mid back. Truck didn't have any damage at all!! He just kept repeating Fuck! over and over.. all day. Bet I would have too and cried probably as well.
Bill and I have been disassembling the front end all day. It should be totally fixable but what a pain. Radiator is a total mess.....but the engine seems fine. He drove it the rest of the way to work. It was steaming but it was running. We brought it home on a little trailer with its front wheels off the ground. He drove it onto the trailer. whew!!
But, guess who gets to drive him to and from the new job (only 22 miles round trip)? Moi!! More quality time with my youngest son! Not the ideal way to get more time with him.. fer sure!
Maybe ,I should knit him a chainmail bra for his car when we get it put back together.. with spikes or something!!
OH and THANK (insert diety here).. that he had his seatbelt ON!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shane and Kendra

Quick update. Shane and Kendra's wedding was really lovely. I missed it but Marshall was there and I've been promised pictures!! We (Bill and I) instead went to a weekend party with his friends from work. Its a yearly deal! Lots of Food, Drink, Kareoke, and Outdoor movies. Did I say drink? Well, thats the understatement of the century. Husband got sloshed.. I knitted. The weather was warm and the trailer was comfy. I really would have rather gone to the wedding tho...sigh!! I had to reknit alot of what I did do because of some frozen creamsicle margaritas that someone forced on me. I only had one!! Actually I tasted it and gracefully stole it from its

Monday, July 10, 2006

Baa Baa Blacksheep

This is a little of what Terri brought me back from The Blacksheep festival in Oregon a couple weeks ago. I love the surprises she brings me. Look at the picture in a Bigger view... the pink has sparkles in it. She got me 2 lbs!! That and the 3 fleeces I have out for cleaning and carding are going to keep me busy for YEARS!! THANK YOU know me to well!

The one in the bag is pygora (not sure of spelling and to lazy to go look). Its mainly white with little flashes of purple! A nice soft lace.. I think.

I'm about half way threw the Shrug that is red in the pictures I posted but I'm doing it in Ecru Rowan Calmer. I'm totally in love with this yarn!! TOTALLY...softest thing I've ever felt and it knits up so nice.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bill's latest Beauty

A Picture is worth a thousand words. This is a outdoor table ,my talented husband, built for our son Wyatt (Daddy to the new baby). He turned the leg on his new lathe. All the rest is built of Deck lumber and Oiled with Linseed oil. He says he used every tool he owns. I think its stunning!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Baby Bryce

Bryce arrived at 3:56am July 3rd. Eryka's 10 Birthday!! Happy Birthday He's a bit annoyed with people here but he really was very quiet and calm. Kinda like his More info later....I was to asleep to remember weight 7lb ? and length 18.?
For more pictures go to :