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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My new Chair

Thank you Lazyboy for making a Girly mommy chair. This is my new chair. It Swivels and rocks. I can turn it to talk to Bill instead of pretending I can see him. Rather like talking to the person behind you on the Bus or Plane. Lol. Finally, I can turn around.

Happy 33rd wedding Anniversary to US

33 years ago,
3 days before New Years eve, Bill asked me again what happened to that Idea about maybe getting married. We'd talked about it shortly 6 mo before when I thought I was Pregnant. I said,"I don't know?" and He said, "Well, you still wanna?" romantic is that!! So, we got a licence and 3 days later (New Years Eve) he called his mother ..who hated me (I was a retired exotic dancer..slut..maybe hooker..good grief) ask if she could arrange a wedding for us. She, pretty much, screamed "NO!!" and hung up.

Sidebar: When we first met she didn't want me in the house. Bill said fine then you don't want me either. Being the Favorite son, she relented 2 weeks later and invited us both down for the day.

So, her attitude didn't surprise us. What did surprise us was that she called back in 2 hours to say that all was arranged and that we should come down to her
We grabbed our friends Ron and Ginger and headed down. Me in a Forest Green dress and Bill in the only Suit he has ever owned. His mother had arranged for us to be married in a "CHURCH"..good grief!! When filling out the forms, the Pastor nearly refused to marry us because we had the same Address! For SHAME! But, it was late and we'd come a long way.. yatta yatta. SO, we got married 11pm New Years Eve. His parents and our 2 friends and my son Jerico ( Who refused to come into the Sanctuary because," GOD would strike him dead for all his lies."He was .
Afterwards we all went dancing at the Algiers nightclub. Jerico must have gone to a sitter..ya know..I don't remember..mmm. Anyway, we drank and danced(yes Bill danced) then went to his moms for "the reception". 5 min after we left the Algiers it burned lie..I swear. Never to be rebuilt!! The Reception was nice. She'd gone to the grocery store for a lovely cake. It said "Happy Bar Mitzvah Burney"...we scrapped it Bill and I cut the cake and she sprayed us with silly string. Honest ..I have pictures. Lol!! It was 1973..and by those years standards it was still pretty strange!
We drove home after.. I threw up on the tree being totally drunk on my ass..I went to bed and he fell asleep on the couch. So Romantic!! BUT, we are still together!
The sleeping fairy at the top of this story was my present for my sweet Hubby. He tells me I get to pick out a new recliner today also!! I let him buy that black barca lounger for HIM..I didn't know he intended it for me! My feet don't reach the floor and hence its very uncomfortable for me. Hee hee.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm Going

January 6 2007

St. Distaff's Day Annual Spin-In

10am to 4pm

Fellowship Hall of St. Pius X Catholic Church
22109 58th Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace (Same place it's been)
Directions are in Loose Threads.

Bring a sack lunch, leftover holiday goodies and 3 bucks.

Plus, bring your disasterous project or UFO (UnFinished Project) along with an image or discription of what it was to be for the
Fourth Annual St. Distaff's Day Dysfunctional Display!

Hosted by Area 2010 Fiberholics. Contact Karen Bruggman at 425-778-4933 or email

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Misc. Pictures from Christmas time

Our Christmas Tree and Presents before the distruction errrr, present opening. Yup.. corner of MY living room by the computer. Hee hee!

A neighbors house (up around the corner) that got hit with 2 trees (from his own yard). He was the last to get power back in our neighborhood because the trees were on the powerlines/phone cables. Bill went down and cut some of it away and the city got the rest of it. What a mess!! I hear the owner was standing in that doorway just seconds before the trees fell.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

We did present opening on Christmas eve. You never realize how quiet your life is till the grandkids leave. It was deafening.
Bryce (5mo) was all bright eyes and giggles. What a happy baby. I had so much fun holding him.
Trysten(5) has grown a foot since I saw him at Thanksgiving! How is that possible. He looks like a KID..not a toddler anymore. He loved his presents but seems to really like Bryce's lil plastic hammer that lights up and makes a funny noise when you hit things. Like Gramma's and Jerico's HEAD!! Never laughed so hard!
Jayda(3) got more things then a lil girl could ever use. I missed seeing Eryka(11). Her Dad seems to think its ok to steal her away every Christmas. I find it horribly annoying!! I don't even get to see her open her presents. Makes me sad.
All my boys were here. Marshall got me a back lite keyboard so I don't have to fight to see the keys! The light shines threw the keys.. you can have them Blue, Red or.. TADAH, Purple.. OMG guess what color I have it set on!! Hee hee!!
I got Pjs and lotion.. little wooden boxes, a Silver embossed box and gift certs. There was no room to move in the house. I was nested on the couch and could not move by the end of the night.

For those keeping track. I was depressed Christmas eve morning. Cried a bit. I know its dumb and a waste of energy but, I miss my mom. She died 17 years ago and every Christmas I miss her something horrible. Merry Christmas Mommy, wherever you are. Wish I could get past it but I think just accepting it is all I can hope for.
But, the Grandkids showing up fixed everything! So its all good.
Hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday.
Next big thing is my 33rd wedding Anniversary on New Years Eve. WHAT? You didn't know all the noise and Fireworks were for my Anniversary.. Tsk! Where have you been...LOL

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm done....I refuse to do more. Today I zone.. play games..and wrap presents.
I always seem to reach Christmas morning, worn out and over stressed. With the attitude that I should just smile and suck it up because it will all be over in a couple hours and I can relax again. I get the Christmas Blues.
What happened to "OH GOODIE, its Christmas morning!" Sigh!
Well hope you have a lovely Christmas. Who knows..maybe I'll have a good time, too? Stranger things have happened.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Power Outages

Global ass!! Thursday evening one of the worst windstorms we've had in more then 10 years hit. BLAM...zzzzzt!! Blue flashes.
Marshall has a lovely view of the local Substation. He tells us that it was the 4th of July. Worth the!! What a show. But, he only lost power for the night. We have been out for 2 days.
Luckily we have a woodstove and Bill and I both know how to live without power. I lived 4 years in Hawaii. In the back country during the late 60s early 70s. Most of the houses I lived in(moved around alot) had no power and if we were lucky had their own water supply (not always). I know how to build a fire.. I know how to cook most anything on a fire, woodstove or, Hell, I've even cooked over candles! So no biggie.
My brother, Mike's, power is still out. Poor guy is freezing(all electric apartment) and needs an oxygen breathing set up to sleep. We thawed him out and told him, yes, he can stay over night. He just ran home to get some supplies and is going to settle down in the Girly room again. Hee hee!! Oh yes, there is SNOW in the weather forecast.
I was just beginning to have Internet withdrawals! Ooo and I got assigned my spin to knit "secret pal"-Welcome to my world Rebecca. Mwhahahahahaha.. giggle!! Wonder if she likes Pink? Just kidding.
Anyone from the local yarn shop can tell you, I've aquired massive amounts of sheepy goodness in the form of FREE fleeces. I have received 4 this year alone.. one thrown away by the processer (buggies) and one..ahem.. LOST??? On its way back to me 6 weeks ago. It could still turn up but her stuff usually only takes 2 or 3 days. Can you imagine some poor guy getting that package by mistake .. trying to #1 figure out what it is and #2 why anyone would have it mailed to That still means I have 2 from this year! 1 from last year and several I've bought or been gifted. Fiber actually plucks at my sleeve as I pass it.. whispering, "Buy me!"
Anyway.. thats my update. One good thing out of this power outage is that I finished all my Christmas knitting. Now I can start spinning again!!! Wheee haaa!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cynthia's baby

For you who asked for Jaden Amadeus' it is!
Isn't he pretty


Christmas shopping DONE..over.. whew!! Just have to finish up a couple knit items.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Knitting

Won't tell you WHAT I'm knitting. But, Will tell you... I'm knitting up Christmas as fast as I can!!