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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Package from Rebecca

I wanted to Officially thank Rebecca
For the wonderful Package she sent. Neither of our swap partners decided to play so we swapped with each other. She sent two creamy colored skeins of homespun, Jelly Bellys (sugarless). My favorite candy ever. A pig flashlight/keychain...that oinks when you turn the light on!! AND a box of Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans..with flavors such as.. Earthworm, Vomit, Tutti Frutti, Booger and Sardine. I'll be sure to save those for the next Harry Potter movie.
THANKS ALOT Rebecca...You ROCK!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday and the Grandkids

Just some Grandma brag shots.
#1 is Trysten...just a little nutz
#2 Baby Bryce and he's growing!!
and yes thats my new chair she's sitting in. I notice all the women who visit go straight to it!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keep on Spinning

Been spinning alot lately. Can't drive in this silly weather. It snowed again this morning then rained a little now, its getting dark..need I say more?
Got Bill to take some pictures of the Green I've been working on.
Color is a little off..tried to mess with the color ratio and got it close. Not to bad a spinning job. I'm rather proud of myself.

Also, this is some of the fiber I bought from St. Distaff day. A Spin in I go to every Jan. Was a ton of fun. I forgot my camera but Jen took some nice pictures. More pics on her site.

This is the back section of the spin in. Looks like alot of people? You should see how many are behind ME!!! This Picture is mainly of Terri, Barb and Sam. This is only a few of the group in our "circle".
Terri kept saying "I'm not buying anything!!" but you will notice how much I came home with..all her fault! "Oh, look Annie this would look good on you" or "These are so, your colors". VOICE of just kidding Terri. I would have kicked myself for the rest of the year if I hadn't bought anything.
You may notice the Green on the bobbin in the foreground...thats the stuff in the picture at the top. Really Grass green.
I've had a wonderful time talking to Rebecca from the Spin to Knit exchange. Her down stream person finally contacted her. The head of the exchange has tried to get my upstream person to contact me to no avail..sigh.. I put on deodorant!! Sigh! When the head lady emailed my upstream person this time (to re-remind her) she sent me a copy so, I do have her email. I'm debating whether to contact her. If she changed her mind I don't wanna be pushy but damn it .. you signed up for this stuff!! No one forced you! Sigh. Maybe it was the Sheep butt Oh well, I have Rebecca.. she's a sweetheart!!
Its snowing again..if it doesnt' go away soon I may cry!!
On a GAMER note..believe it or not..some of my gamer friends do check this blog for info. I am PROUDLY a 75 beastmaster..YES, MBOUT, I think I beat you!! HAAA!!! Only took me a year. I had help from my wonderful Duo partners..who also read this now and then so, I need to give them credit..Greywyn, Gunner, Coalheart,Dragal and you guys!! Not to forget Luridseraphim and his lovely wife Alexeina. Who really forced me over the top. 75, for the moment is as High as you can aspire too! I can rest a little now. More knitting..less playing. Maybe..mmm..maybe not!
There is so much to do still.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Its Snowing again!!

Crocheted a cover for my Samsung mp3 player..yes indeedy.. I AM that BORED!!

And its snowing again! Think I'll go back to bed and stay there till spring!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spin to Knit

Whats up with Secret pal swaps, anyway? You sign up.. you email your pal. Is that so DAMN HARD? I got assigned a lovely young lady(Rebecca) that I've had many fun conversations with. She in turn has a secret pal as well as some one also has been assigned me. So, why is it I have not heard from my secret pal and she emailed hers and got no response? Don't these people want free yarn?
I'm so put it mildly. Well, at least I have Rebecca.....she's awesome. So, you Pals who blew your pals off.. you SUCK! And, guess what...YOU LOOSE. Grumble grumble..Pfft..sigh Kiss my butt