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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spin to Knit

Whats up with Secret pal swaps, anyway? You sign up.. you email your pal. Is that so DAMN HARD? I got assigned a lovely young lady(Rebecca) that I've had many fun conversations with. She in turn has a secret pal as well as some one also has been assigned me. So, why is it I have not heard from my secret pal and she emailed hers and got no response? Don't these people want free yarn?
I'm so put it mildly. Well, at least I have Rebecca.....she's awesome. So, you Pals who blew your pals off.. you SUCK! And, guess what...YOU LOOSE. Grumble grumble..Pfft..sigh Kiss my butt


Rebecca said...

That's right damned it!

Ancient Threads said...

Whay annoys me is someone I sent great yarn and other stuff to that can't be bothered to say thank you. I mailed it on the day after Xmas and no thank you two weeks later!

Anne Turner said...

I KNOW.. whats with people anyway!