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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Roof

Bill and I built our addition starting when he was around 29. Same age as Marshall will be this year. The guys are attempting to roof and make right all the mistakes. I hear that Bill mumbles alot about stupid kids. Meaning, HIM, not our boys. Jerico was a roofer before he headed to the sea. Marshall is his minion. lol
I sit on the ground and try not to picture any of them falling. Even Wyatt has come by to help.

And FYI, this has been going on for around 2 months now. They are at the rear of the house now. Redesigning as they go. Fixing the rot because we never had gutters or sofets. Evicting squirrel families who have had nests up there for 30 years.

I so appreciate all the work the guys are doing. I'm so glad I can't get up there. I never could navigate slanted surfaces. They are letting me paint boards. So, I'm not totally useless.
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Viking knitting

I took a class from Valerie Day last month. Like usual when I start a new craft, I bought 10 rolls of silver art wire and went into production mode. Experimenting all over the place. I especially like the bracelet with the large Jade stone. Since this picture was taken I've made earrings with crystals woven threw it. And, a black wire bracelet.
This week I get to be Teachers helper for the new class. I'm excited.
Jerico asked if I could make a necklace thats thicker. I'll have to work on that. You pull the woven wire threw holes in an Oak board and I won't have any holes large enough. Bill will have to make me something if he has time.
Next I think I will actually try knitting with the wire. I have a necklace idea I'd like to try.
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