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Knitting, Spinning and family dementia

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Lots of stuff going on. My brother inlaw Bill died Monday and I've been so depressed.
Couple of my friends are facing surgery. Which is upsetting me some.

Then there is some legal crap for my eldest son who is somewhere in the middle of no where on a ship and won't be home for 3 mo but a court summons has shown up for the 14th of THIS month!! I've been asked (by email) to see if I can do anything to postpone it till he gets back. So far, I hit a brick wall. The person I talked to actually laughed at me. Sigh. Thank goodness for knitting buddy..who works in a law office. He told me where to look for help. whew. I'm glad he messaged me. I never even thought to ask him.

On a knitting note. I've been working on the Cloister sleeve sweater. On the bottom ribbing of the main sweater. Its a top down. In old Rose

Working on my Turquoise cardigan since I saw a finished one on Helen..from my Thursday knit group. Picture above is from the magazine.

Giant Norwegian knee sock for Terri Shea..yes Terri I am working on it. I had to put it down for a week or so. Not having a problem with it..just needed a break.

I have the yarn for 2 more Selbu Modern hats.. Mini mochi.. I love that yarn. Haven't started them yet.

Oh and a pair of green knee socks for the Butcher at my grocery store. What a sweet guy. We got talking and he does Black powder re-enacting. For some wierd reason I asked if he had authentic socks.. doh! I got sidetracked from them by the Giant Norwegian sock. I'll get back to them.. really.. I promised them by Christmas. I better get working!! EEK!

Bought a new book on Thursday Classic Elite Knits... I'm in love..I'm in love with the seed stitch blazer. There is a pullover also that I'm drooling over with these cool cables that make you look gotta make that one!

SO I'm living somewhere between depression and knitting needles. Life is pretty much.. as usual. sigh.. and LOL.. and cry..

On a lighter note. A gamer buddy, Jadewolf aka Rodney, sent a link for "The Guild" music video. Do you wanna to date my Avatar
Then come to find out there are gazillion episodes of a web series called "The Guild" starting with Season 1 Episode 1 here
I never laughed so hard. I recommend it to anyone who games or knows gamers etc. In a extreme sort of way its very true. I don't really see myself as any of the characters but I DO relate to them and know people who are really close. Scary huh?