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Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Name

Yes, I changed the name of my Blog. There is another Pixiepurls and I didn't wanna step on her toes. This really fits better anyway.
The ladies of the Thirdplace knitter's group were very helpful in giving me ideas on what to name my blog. Terri her wonderful sweet way suggested "Crazy Annie's" which I laughed at but rejected. I get called crazy enough in my family.. Oh its just mom.. being weird again. Pfft!! Whatever!

Why Frog lake? Remember you asked!-- Deep breath-- Well, I bought my spinning wheel as a kit. My husband was annoyed at me about buying one..instead of allowing him to MAKE me one (maybe, in this lifetime-maybe not). Everytime I went to mention the "spinning wheel" I had bought we had to call it the something else. It therefore, was known as the "Spinning Frog". So, when I received the kit.. Which passed hubbies inspection (oddly enough)! I painted a ballerina frog on one of the foot petals. As a passive aggressive poke at my Dear, Sweet ,long suffering husband. And, Frogs Lake because its sorta like "Swan Lake" (the ballet) but Green..haha

I asked a bead artist if she could replicate my froggy dancer and i think she did a fabulous job. I'm not sure why, but ,she didn't want me to tell anyone she had made it. I think, she wasn't supposed to do side jobs. So, she will remain nameless. I made the hook from an extra long hat pin. Its one of my most favorite things.

Oh! Lookie!

Caramello Iris
Oh my goodness..thought this one was going to be blackish purple and look what I got! I thought all of these had changed to the lavender blue. Its amazing how many colors I'm getting from these flowers every year. You can't tell from the photos but they are around 4 ft tall. Flowers are Big as your two hands put together. BIG! Not your everyday Iris'
Sorry, I get excited. These seem to be the only flowers in the garden I can't Kill.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Whats new?

The ever amazing changing Iris!
Top is 2005.. bottom from 2004
Did I ever tell you about the beautiful Irises I got a couple years ago? They were chocolate with caramel on top. We had to move it the next year and see the picture on the bottom? It bloomed Purple and white. Then we moved it back to the previous garden and it changed again! Lavendar blue and white....Well........this is the same Iris!! Believe me..I'm as surprised as you!! I did hear that depending on the condition of the soil that the color can change. Especially, with these big ruffle ones.

As far as knitting goes. I have finished the back of the frond sweater and am about 1/4 of the way up the front. I've spun alot of roving..mostly stuff that has been laying around since the beginning of time. So, I'm keeping busy.

Monday, May 16, 2005

What should I make out of this? Ideas Please

spins up SHINEY
Merino Tencil in Pinks and Greys:
Jen brought some of her lovely fibers and yarns to show and perhaps sell from the Maryland Sheep convention. I fell in love with the pink, of course. Started spinning it as soon as I put my bag down when I got home,after knitting on Sat..
I tried to ply it but I didn't like it. I'm thinking of leaving it as singles and making something lacy with LOTS of holes in it. I hesitate to make another flower basket shawl but I may use it for that. I can give it as a gift for Christmas or something. Or, who knows. You can never have to many shawls can you?

spun up singles

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

Today All my kids except Jerico, who is in Alaska, came by. Jerico did call,tho.

Happy Mother's day to me. These are My Grandkids (Wyatt and Jyll's kids) Jayda (17mo), Trysten (3+) and Eryka (almost 9)
Miss Jayda- Look She's walking!! Around and around grandmas over grown flower beds.

Eryka, Jayda and Trysten
All playing in the slightly wet sand box. Trysten discovered that slugs are UCK! He's says "MAMA, UCKY!!" as he is trying to give the baby slugs to Jayda to.. I don't know.. eat?
Husband Bill listened!! I got hand held gardening tools!! I've been bitching for weeks that someone lost my "chopper digger". So, he went out and bought me 2 that are wayyyy better then the one I had before..WAY!! I can hardly wait for decent weather.

To Do List

1. Finish Frond Tee - cotton fleece from brown sheep
2. Yoked cardigan-Jo sharpe and knit picks yarns..I've been collecting.
3. Lace cardigan..shawl collar-Vogue knitters sum/spr 2004.
4. Sockies for my honey
5. Pink woolpeddlers shawl- from wool I picked up at WW for Mothers Day.
6. Lavender something.. the Rowen yarn I picked up for mothers day at weaving works.
7. Rug yarn crocheted into .. duh.. a rug. I inherited a ton of yarn when my Dad passed away.
8. Finish mitred square throw -combo of homespun and other yarns
9. Finish the Sari Silk/Merino SWEATER.. AHHH!!
10. Henry's attic- Cuddles yarn cardigan

some of my projects in waiting Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The BLUE room

My Corner
When Marshall moved out, I took over his room. I've been gradually redecorating it. Its a nice cozy place to spin in front of a nice bright window. Haven't done anything with the walls yet but I'm getting to it. A little more everyday.
I went shopping for pillow shams and prints for the walls but after getting the pillows taken care of and looking at the prints available, I think I may do a large painting. Maybe, something with ladies sitting around a table knitting.. and spinning. Now where have I seen that before?? mmm...Maybe, I'll put Roger in a hat with big feathers!! Joking Roger..I need to capture your high
Now, I have to go buy a canvas and some I need another hobby!! Well, we shall see. Maybe, I forgot how to paint? LOL.. wish me luck.

The Other side of the BLUE room
Bill bought this Tapestry when he was stationed in Germany. It used to hang on our Living room wall about 23 years ago. When we remodeled the living room and removed the wall that it once hung on. I don't think that Marshall has seen it anywhere except in pictures. It was always one of my favorite things.

Progression of the Rich Fronds Sweater

Rich Frond
Its coming along!! Honestly, I can't believe how easy this pattern is. After doing two chart repeats I put the magazine away. I've had to change it some. Its only 10 inches from pit to waist! I'm at least 14in. and I hate the little cap sleeves so I decided to knit it straight (drop shoulder) and add regular shortish sleeves. About 6 in long. Covers up the flappy underarms. LOL. Don't want a beautiful sweater showing off your worst features!! Otherwise..its coming along wonderfully.
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