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Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Name

Yes, I changed the name of my Blog. There is another Pixiepurls and I didn't wanna step on her toes. This really fits better anyway.
The ladies of the Thirdplace knitter's group were very helpful in giving me ideas on what to name my blog. Terri her wonderful sweet way suggested "Crazy Annie's" which I laughed at but rejected. I get called crazy enough in my family.. Oh its just mom.. being weird again. Pfft!! Whatever!

Why Frog lake? Remember you asked!-- Deep breath-- Well, I bought my spinning wheel as a kit. My husband was annoyed at me about buying one..instead of allowing him to MAKE me one (maybe, in this lifetime-maybe not). Everytime I went to mention the "spinning wheel" I had bought we had to call it the something else. It therefore, was known as the "Spinning Frog". So, when I received the kit.. Which passed hubbies inspection (oddly enough)! I painted a ballerina frog on one of the foot petals. As a passive aggressive poke at my Dear, Sweet ,long suffering husband. And, Frogs Lake because its sorta like "Swan Lake" (the ballet) but Green..haha

I asked a bead artist if she could replicate my froggy dancer and i think she did a fabulous job. I'm not sure why, but ,she didn't want me to tell anyone she had made it. I think, she wasn't supposed to do side jobs. So, she will remain nameless. I made the hook from an extra long hat pin. Its one of my most favorite things.


jenknits said...

Your wheel is beautiful! What did you end up making with the pink/gray merino/tencel? How many yards did you have?

Anne Turner said...

making a flowerbasket shawl. the yarn is very I had to use size 5 needles. I got the thin thread I have to learn how to make the fat chunky kind
But kinda busy with the fronds t-shirt still so will be awhile. Have to concentrate :)

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