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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Book Holiday

This week I am reading the first of Robin Hobbs 3 farseer novels. I've already read the rest of the series. This is what my mom used to call a "Book Holiday". When you kinda disappear into a book for a week. Its very relaxing.
I am still knitting on the Fronds sweater and am better then half way up the front. The neck shaping is not to far in my future..hee hee..YEAH!!
I also did a bad thing. I went by Village Tea and Yarn and bought 10 balls of pale green Plymouth Encore. When I got home I went searching for the #3 keyplate for my bond knitting frame (ultimate sweater machine). I have had this machine for 25 years. So I could start the pale green sweater...haha!! Anyway, while I was cleaning and digging around I stumbled on the Eggplant sweater (patons Decor) I started last year. AND, I found the #3 keyplate so I finished the back of the Eggplant sweater. It has a pretty berry pattern across the bottom from the book Knitting on the Edge. NOW, I have to make another bottom edge to finish the front. Work work work. What about the green one you ask..I didn't start the green one but I DID draw a design. Terri Shea would be proud of me. I found my notebook that I keep my designs in. I've never published a design but prefer doing my own over patterns in magazines. Wonder why that is? Its not that I don't swatch. I just never make things out of what they call for in the patterns so they never work out like they are supposed to. So, I wind up redesigning them Sometimes its just easier to do it my own way in the first place..Lol. So, I mostly draw a little picture of what I'm aiming for and then put a few notes in. Nothing that anyone else could follow..I don't think. But, I know what it means.

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