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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas morning..

Merry Christmas... Many Creatures were stirring. Marshall (youngest son) and my brother Mike came for the day. To the left you see my middle son Wyatt and his Children Trysten, Eryka and little Miss Jayda. Wyatt's wife, Jyll, is Pregnant and couldn't get on the floor with them. We also, had Grandma Rose up for the Weekend.
It was a day of Laughter.. screaming and Joy. One of the best Holidays I've had in years.
Only one we were Missing was Jerico and he managed to call us from California.
I'm so relieved its done!!
Can't wait for next year..

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Its Coming... OMG.. I gotta get to work. Not going to list what I'm making just going to say that most of it involves Alpaca. Mmmm, What could it be?

Think think..hee hee.. Maybe, she's making socks? Maybe, she's making Scarves? Mmmm, MAYBE, she's Knitting a New House for Wyatt and Jyll (wish I could do that). She could Knit a car cover for Marshall?

Ok, My Darlings..your just going to have to wait and see!!

Maybe I should mention here all the family excitement! Jayda will be 2 next Friday Dec.18..can you believe it? Twin sisters- Jami is 6 months Preg and Jyll(daughter inlaw) is 1 month Pregnant.. yes readers.. I'm gonna be a grandma, again! And, a Grandma Aunt. They are just trying to keep me busy.. I see what their doing! Can't fool me.

Marshall has Rented an Apt. close to home and will be moving in Jan. Right across the Freeway from us... A meer 3 traffic lights!! I'm so excited. He really did need to move far away to begin with. I think it was very Maturing.. for both of us. But, now he's realized all his friends and family are here and finally he has started to miss us! The business he works for is moving into downtown Seattle so it all works to our advantage

Oldest son Jerico, got a new job. He will be working for a large off shore shipping firm who will send him to San Diego to work on a research ship. No more wading hip deep in Fish guts and scraping Ice off his glasses. He's a happy happy guy.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Poor little Lamb

Got an Email from my friend Sascha in Australia. I thought I'd share the story with you. Living in the City, I never would ever dream this could happen.
Sascha was on her way to her sisters lavender farm. A very long trip from home(14 hour drive). She was about half way when, what did she see on the side of the busy Highway...this little Lamb!! Realizing it was alive she quickly turned back. Thinking that it had strayed from some local farm, she drove around for hours trying to find its home. But a local vet told her, they are born on the trucks and fall threw the slats sometimes. She was a very long way from home. Going back was out of the question, she continued towards her sisters.
She tells me that the lamb barely weighed more then a cat and was very little trouble. She bedded it down in a laundry basket. All the tourists at the Lavender farm loved him. Sascha agonized about taking him home with her but she lives in the mountains. Very cold, wet and rainy. One of her sisters friends owns an animal farm. She promised to take good care of him and she could visit or at least get updates via her sister about his well being.
Must have been horribly hard for her to leave him. She's always talking about her Cats and the local animals that wander around her property. I love the stories.


It was my Birthday Nov.6th. Got many lovely gifts. Set of Chinese Chests(hubby), Gift Certificate (from my brother) for the LYS..bought Denise needles and some alpaca to make someone a Christmas Present. A Gorgeous bracelet from St.Croix my oldest son Jerico brought back for me. And, Dear Liza from my Saturday knit group gave me this Estonian Lace Shawl pattern and the alpaca to make it. I have been lusting after this shawl for months. They had one hanging by where my Thursday Knitting group meets. Can't wait to start it!!

Other things I've been working on. The last of the Purple sweaters has about 1 in. left. One of my Gaming friends asked me why so much purple!! He decided it was because I'd been working so hard to get my game character her Purple Dragoon Armor. I think he's right.

This is a Picture of Pixx. My Character in Final Fantasy XI online.
What do you think. Did this start my Purple obcession?
Well, I have a Green and Lavender shawl waiting and the Estonian Shawl (lavender) so its not over yet. THEN a pink light weight sweater. Finally another

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween-no knitting content

Trick or Treat!!- These a 2 or my 3 Grandchildren. Trysten(3.10) and Jayda(1.11).
No Knitting content..just proud Grandparents.

Friday, October 28, 2005

What I've been doing

Haven't been to inspired the last few weeks. Did finish a beautiful feather and fan scarf made of lornas lace worsted and JUST finished these little fingerless gloves. Made of Knitpicks white Peruvian Silk ..the pink is Cascade something(I forget) Flowers are from Knitpicks Sampler peruvian wool.. I bought the sampler. I'm so in love with it. But, my brain over heats when I look in the box!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What Annie Hates:

It occured to me that what "Annie Hates" might be more interesting

Annie Hates:

-President Bush, Passionately
-people who sniff in public........ snort
-Pink Bikes
-every picture that is taken of her
-bad smells
-beauty pagents
-having her hands bound (well, maybe)
-horror movies
-frogs in her underwear drawer
-her thighs (doh!)

I'm Trying

Been a long couple of weeks. I've had a terrible cold and been so Whinney you wouldn't have wanted me to post anything!

On Knitting.. I finished the Lornas Lace Scarf. Turned out lovely. No pictures.. won't do it justice ,anyway. You'll just have to believe me. I have no Idea what I'll be doing next. BUT, I have to pick something or my brain will overheat. Not a pretty sight!

I'm not ready for Summer to be over. I look in the backyard and its all gold Maple leaves.. snivel, cry. I hate winter! Well, the upside is I get to wear all my pretty cardigans.. guess I should shut up and enjoy.

My friend, Marie, got sworn into the Marines this month! Its what she always wanted.. to blow shit up! Whats funny is she has to grow her hair -out-! She has been shaving her head for years. I think its hysterical. It has to be at least 2 in I -AM- going to miss her when she goes. Sniff! I'm sure Nate, her fiancee, will also. But, we are all very Proud of her. She worked very hard getting her "legal" High school Diploma and loosing 50lb. She's a lean, mean . . blowing shit up. . machine. LOL!

Well, I'm off to dig threw my yarn. I know I have at least 10 sweaters I "could" make. Sigh..

What Annie Needs:

Try typing in "(your name) needs" into google and see what you get. Thanks Teri this was fun.

Annie Needs:

-To stop demanding so much and be grateful for what she has.
-Some Assistance
-A Resurrection
-A job
-A group of 6 people and a room big enough to hold them all and about 2 hours.
-Needs Love
-Some LUCK, right NOW!
-to be unexpectedly fulfilled when she meets up with Sailor Jim.. wait, thats sex again isn't it?
-To be where the action is
-To grow into a Lady ......Pfft!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

All in One Day

Go Figure.. All in one day.. The vote not to Strike
My BEAUTIFUL Leather couch came... I'm a HAPPY girl.
And, I finished Judy's Shawl. Hee hee

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Quick Catch Up

So, I was talking to my, longtime, friend Judy. When she lightly suggests I make her a BIG soft fluffy shawl. Absolutely plain. No beads..Just warm. So, here is Judy's Shawl made of Lion brand Homespun in Candy Apple color. The only feature is the yarn over increases. It should come to her knees or just below. I have about 3 inches left or 12 rows.

Been another quiet week. I did finish the blue wrap/poncho and will post a picture when I figure out where I left it..probably in the car.

Bill is still on strike. Love having him around. Maybe, I can stand to have him retire.

Still waiting for the couch. It was supposed to have been shipped the 15th of Sept. Hopefully, it will be on the delivery truck tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

My eldest son, Jerico, has been vacationing in St. Croix Virgin Islands. He was supposed to get home on Thursday but we haven't heard a word. A bit worried because of all the Hurricanes down that way. Of course, they might have just put him back to work as soon as he got home.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Late Night Ramblings

Still watching for that couch. Due next week, they say it will be on the truck the 15th! Fingers Crossed. I'm a slightly happier girl.. or maybe a more resigned girl..sigh. Geez, I hope I don't hate it when it gets here!!

One ball of yarn into the feather and fan scarf. The Lorna's Lace yarn I'm using has a hand dyed look. Darker and lighter but very subtle. I'm really Likeing it. To bad the picture doesn't show the dark bits.

The entrelac sweater is a goner. Decided the yarn was just to harsh to wear next to the skin. I'll make pillows or a rug out of it. Something I can whip up on my Bond Knitting frame. I made alot of it...5 medium skeins. Haven't weighed it so I can't tell you exactly.

Started another poncho/capelet. The first hot pink and Noro multi I made had young girls coming up to me asking if they could buy it somewhere.. but in blue or whatever. This one is Dark blue that I spun a long time ago. You start at the neck and work down adding stitches every 3in or so. I'll write it up..really I will!! I'm writing the blue up as I go. The Pink only comes down to the elbows and is just enough to be warm but not enough to look like a tent. I haven't decided what yarn I will use with the blue yet but I do have a Noro Iro waiting..and also a Manos del Uruguay multi colored. Both have a dark blue base with torquoise and pinks. I'll save my final choice till I have another couple inches of the blue done.

The strike is still going on.. in case you don't watch the news or aren't from the Seattle area. My husband and I are having fun. He spent a week researching Smoked salmon brine recipes then went and bought a prepackaged one. Saturday they soaked all night. Sunday, he put 3 salmon fillets in his makeshift smoker and basted them with honey and spices off and on all day. Watched it like his favorite dog whos having puppies. He did an awesome job!!
OMG.. its so yummy!! Its all I can do to not go and get little pieces. Smart man put 2 in the freezer and made small packets (ziploc snack size) of the 3rd, so we both don't OD.
So, now he's researching smokers.. all day.. all night!! I think he's going to build one out of an old washing machine tub he saved that is stainless steel. The man likes to make thats what really brought us together. We both like to make

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We're on Strike

Yup yup, We're on strike. This time its not even about the money. Its about the darn Pension and Health plan. The company keep changing the health plan and not for the better. Don't know what they're thinking.
Have a look here..if your interested. IAM
I'm glad to have my hubby home. I get tired of talking to myself

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Nothing to Rave About

Been rather quiet this week. Only story I have to tell is... Last Friday Hubby called to see about the delivery of our new leather couch and was told it would be on the truck Monday or Tuesday. I made a point of staying home both days and no Couch. So, I call and they tell me...."its not on the list". Well, that wouldn't be so bad except that Dear Hubby took the OLD couch apart on Sunday to make room.
-This is not a happy face- I am not a happy Girl!!!-
On Wed. the guy who sold us the couch calls the company to see WTF and is told that there was a run on the color of leather I chose this summer and they haven't even -started- to make it. That it won't be here for 2-3 WEEKS!!
-This is not a happy FACE-I am NOT a happy Gerrrrl!!!-
Hubby took the cushions from the old couch and put them on the yard lounge.. Gawd..wish I had a picture of THAT. But, now he has the old recliner in the Living room. Its kinda tore up. Was gonna recover it soon.. but its better then squatting on the floor (basically).

So, mmm, and as far a knitting goes. I started a feather and fan scarf out of a lovely tourqoise Lorna's Lace worsted weight. Which after all the sweaters is just what I needed.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Finally done

The Eggplant sweater... done, finished, over with. Guess what? Liza D.V. said she thought it looked oriental so I played with the idea of Frogs instead of buttons.. but the more I worked the more it looked like a Gi. So.....after all that yatta buttons. I'm going to use a stick pin instead. Will post pictures tomorrow.. ahem.. after I make the pin. :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Button Band

For those of you keeping track. The button band was completed and as I bound it off I realized it was total crap!! It was to soft and fell and hung and was really ugly. Talked over solutions with some friends and decided to Rippit (frog speak) all out and knit it in garter stitch on slightly smaller needles but the short way.. horizontally. Then sew it on. I'm still praying the buttons work but if, for some reason, they don't I've been reminded, Pffft, that I'm a potter... I can make my own freaking

Spindle Spinning

I've been recently asked how to spindle spin. I won't bore you with the long explaination but I thought the resources I gave this lady might be helpful to people cruising my blog.
I'd like to recommend the book:
Connie Delaney, Spindle spinning Novice to expert.
also this website: I can spin
which has quicktime videos on several methods of spindle spinning.
There are tons of sites but these 2 things helped me the most. Terri Shea was also a HUGE help making everything make sense.
See..even Dark Crystal spins... she weaves too..all over the house!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Eggplant Diagonal Sweater

Well its almost done. Half way threw the button band. Had to take a picture now!! Couldn't wait!!
The yarns are both handspun. It started out to be a vest.. but somewhere along the line I realized..HELL, I don't wear vests!! So, I had to design sleeves. I had to find a yarn that would compliment the body.. I RAN OUTA YARN!! Thats why it took 2 years to finish. While I was moving my yarn in to Marshalls old bedroom (now known as the Blue Room) I ran across my very first roving (God, I love Ebay). Marie and I had nicknamed it "The Bloodclot" its actual name is "Midnight Rose". Either fits it. It has bits of the same eggplantish color in it. So, I spun up the rest. Its hard after spinning for 2 or 3 yrs. Perfecting my thin and uniform yarn to have to go back and spin like a Noobie.. fat skinny. But thats what I had to do. You see I'd spun up about half of it already. It had to match.. didn't it?
I worked a little chevronish pattern up the sleeves. To make it match the diagonal knit body .. which was actually knitted diagonally. I thought that it would be a challenge but turned out to be real easy.
The Buttons in the top picture are VERY old. I'm not certain how old. They are Plastic or Bakalite (spelling). My mother told me they came off Great Aunt Goldies Mink coat when mom cut it down to a Jacket. I still have some of the mink. I made antique doll coats out of it. I used to collect dolls. Anyway, Goldie would be 105 now so...who knows how old the buttons are. I checked them with the Magnifier and they look solid. Cross your fingers they don't disintergrate or burst into flames or something.

This is Marie- who also Knits and Spins

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Entrelac Sweater to start on Monday... I hope!

This is what I hope to be starting this week in the yarn below in the multicolor with the lime for the sleeves. It will be much more pastel then the picture. All colors are Plied with But, I was playing with the dumb little Paint program that comes with windows and this is what I came up with.
These are the actual colors I'm working with.

For the last several weeks I've been working on the sleeves for a Grape colored diagonal sweater that I knit 2 years ago. I've been having to spin the yarn as I go. I think that part of the work is done but the knitting is only about 95% done. I will post a picture when its done.

Also, this week, my husband Bill and I worked on a dresser for our Grand daughter Eryka. Bill found this for $15 at a local junk store. It turned out beautiful with fresh paint and new gold trim. The Mirror was on Wyatt's dresser when he was a child. It looks really nice all painted up.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Short note about this week

Ribbet -this is about my mood this week!

This week I've fought with my computer. Screaming and cursing. I downloaded something that ate my security programs!! Thanks to my Loveable and brilliant youngest son (Marshall) it is now working fine. I have stopped screaming and my blood pressure has returned to normal for the time being.

PLUS it didn't help that MY game.. that I play for a couple hours everyday.. Final Fantasy XI .. Did a HUGE update on Monday. As in most updates, its malfunctioning. They are slowly working out the bugs. But its annoying to be disconnected and locked out of game ..over and over and over again. They are gradually working out the problems. I'm breathing deeply and thinking Happy thoughts. I'm a mother of 3 boys.. I know patience!

I also, did some spinning everyday. I ran out of yarn for the Sleeves I've been working on for the diagonal knit sweater I started 2 years ago. Hopefully, I will have that all done by this weekend. Gonna drag my wheel with me everywhere till it IS DONE!!

This has been my week..

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Is this really ME??



Terri Shea helped me out with this. Thanks alot Terri. I couldn't get it to save threw my firewall. Isn't it cool. The site is..Here..

Sunday, July 17, 2005


MY HARRY POTTER and the half blood prince finally showed up. I've been waiting ..Y E A R S! I'm so excited and its not even yarn.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Quiet Week

Very Quiet this week. I have done a little knitting. Working on a diagonal sweater (purple, what else) that I started over 2 years ago. I am now 4 inches into the sleeves.
This week has also been filled with my Grand daughter, Eryka. Whos Birthday it was. She had her main party last Saturday. I made her a coupon for a day of shopping and a Tea Party at Village Tea and Yarn, which we did on Wed. Where she her horror.. that Tea is made of dried leaves!! She was NOT amused. Otherwise,The tea party was really lovely. They really put on a nice show. If you have a little girl in your life,you have to try this. Lovely Cucumber and Cream cheese sandwichs and little round peanut butter and Jelly (the ones she liked most). Plus a selection of fruits. She was very silly.. drinking her tea with her pinky extended and dabbing delicately at her mouth with the linen napkin.
Shopping went on all day. Lots of pretties. I think she had a good time.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A lesson in Plying

Yes yes, I own the books.. yes, I did read them. I remember something about twists.. and crimp and bla bla bla. But, truthfully, my brain sees wool.. it goes "spin wool, pedal faster, Wool good... heee heee.." Not much thinking goin on.

So, imagine my surprise when. The little thinking light went on!! It was painful.. believe me. But, plying 2 colors like this really shows you what your doing correctly and incorrectly. I discovered that I've been handling my plying all wrong. Pfft.. go figger. I think I'd been just pretty much slamming the two plys together .. lazy like.

I found that if I run my lightly pinched fingers of one hand up the yarn that it plies much more uniform. Now these are about as perfect as I've ever done. At least to my eye. Am I dreaming or did I get something?

Anyway, I have 6 hanks and I think I should be able to get the body of a sweater out of it with maybe the green as sleeves. I have some lavender as well but it seems to mute the colors where the green makes them pop.

Now to settle on some kind of pattern stitch for the front and leave the back and sleeves plain st stitch. Any Ideas? Pull over or Cardigan?
You guys do know how to leave comments don't you??

close up

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Can You Say .."Overspun"?

Evolution of a Yarn
It was spin day for the 3rd place book knitters. I had two sacks of these little balls of different colored wool. I thought I'd mix them together and it WAS alot of fun till I took the resulting yarn off on a niddy noddy and saw how over twisted it was. Only way I know to fix that is to ply it so I plied it with some natural mystery wool I've been playing with. Here you see the results.
Left <-> right balls of colored wool, Plied yarn and overspun singles. I think it turned out really .. REALLY cool. Like Tie Dye... Far out man !! Like totally .. fer sure!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Berry Cluster Cardigan finally done

Berry Cluster Cardigan..before beads

This cardigan is very comfy. Of my own design. The bottom and cuffs are the berry cluster pattern from "Knitting on the Edge". The rest I did on my bond knitting frame. I'm to lazy to follow patterns. Most patterns don't fit me,anyway. Not just because I'm a bit fluffy (ok fat) but I had to have my cloths custom made when I was a skinny girl ,also. Thank you Mother. I'm very long waisted.

I bought silver-blueish beads to be the berries. I'll get around to that. The shawl collar just didn't wanna end. Thought I was going to cry before I finally got it finished.. but I like it! Been wearing it all day.

We did buy the leather furniture we looked at last week end. One HUGE barkalounger (black) and a lovely reddish brown leather sofa. Not at all western looking. Bill has plans to put some wood embellishments on the couch when it August or Sept..He thinks it needs a wood kickplate and that the arm fronts would look good with some swirly wood on it. He likes to do swirly curley German style wood embellishments everywhere. You should see my Kitchen! I'm planning on a little tole painting to girly it up a little. So, it will be OUR couch. It will be so different from the threadbare set we have now.

I have plans to recover the old swivel/rocker to be used in the blue room. But, recovering the couches would be a nightmare so we're planning on pulling the sofa bed out and making a bench/sleeper for either the Rec room or the blue room. We'll let you know when or if this happens :) The loveseat which isn't as worn will go to a good home..Jyll? Marie? Speak up or its gone.

Now on to the next project. I'll have to think about that. I have a green sweater perking in my brain but I also have 2 or 3 UFO's to finish.. whine! Oh yea.. pffft, the sari silk-merino sweater..guess I should get that out of the way. Why am I hearing the music from Psycho's shower scene?

I also have about 30 lbs of roving to spin......I shouldn't get bored. SIGH!! If I complain of being bored.. beat me..ok?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Is this me or what?

Ok, so I haven't got much to say this week. I'm working on an eggplant cardigan which is almost finished. Everyone went to Black Sheep except me and Liza DV. and we're both Jealous! Didn't even get my knitting fix on Saturday. But, did go Leather Couch looking. Feeling a bit like Dude Ranch wanna be. Thats the only kind that appealed to me. We didn't buy anything yet. Bill took me to dinner..was it my birthday?? No, thats in November. Is being Kidless bringing a fun change to my hum drum life! I Think so!!
you are lavenderblush

Your dominant hues are red and magenta. You love doing your own thing and going on your own adventures, but there are close friends you know you just can't leave behind. You can influence others on days when you're patient, but most times you just want to go out, have fun, and do your own thing.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Rich Frond Sweater.. at last.

Rich Frond Sweater is finally finished. I crocheted around the edges this afternoon and husband took the picture. Its not very flattering. lol.. no make up. But, your looking at the sweater.. not me. I'm gonna be wearing this one alot.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Following the Flow

I'm a firm believer in following the flow. Its like a path. Sometimes, its not even your path but someone else's that you influence. But, for this story..its for me!!

I decided I wanted to go to lunch. Ya know, get out of the house..for any reason. Ok, I've decided to go out to lunch but..mmmm, where?

I just got in the car and went. First, I went bead shopping. Perfectly good sandwich shop practically next door.."no, thats not it". Then I drove more .. back the way I'd come. I thought well, this is nutz..I recognized the fickle finger of fate..just drive Anne.

I drive past several restaurants that said "maybe" to me but none said "stop". Ok, I told myself, go for a drive down by the beach in Edmonds. See if the Edmonds Art Festival is indeed this week end. So I drove.. my wheels took me straight to Anthonys home port. Where, over 2 months ago, I lost my handspun sweater. I pulled in the parking lot. Oh, there's a space!! wow!! Thats rare! I got out of the car and headed for the entrance to the beach cafe (the cheap section) but people were in the waiting area so I headed back to the car..then thought oh, what the heck, go in. So, I did. I got a table outside immediately. The other people were a large group waiting for an inside table.. lucky me!! And, just on the off chance this is where the flow was leading me, I asked if they had a turquoise sweater in the Lost and Found.

I should mention that Anthony's beach cafe makes the best Blackened Rockfish tacos with pineapple kiwi salsa. All the way there I had tasted something bright.. sweet but sour. That's why I kept passing restaurants. Meanwhile, I'm planning how to go to the Marina office and see if they have my sweater. The waitress hasn't come back so they obviously don't have it. Sigh. Couldn't be that easy. The sweater is long gone. Let it go!

When I hear. "Is this It?" My head whipped around... OMG.. IT IS!!! Its my favorite.. handspun, handknit, self of a kind sweater!! OMG.!! I think I'm gonna cry.

Lost and Found

Friday, June 10, 2005

Desiree gets MARRIED.. whooo hooo

This is Kevin and Desiree White
Known Dez forever and am so glad she is happy again.
She is one of my Long time homeschooling friends and a wonderful singer. Not bad looking Congratulations Dez and Kevin..Sager, Kale and Ashton

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Book Holiday

This week I am reading the first of Robin Hobbs 3 farseer novels. I've already read the rest of the series. This is what my mom used to call a "Book Holiday". When you kinda disappear into a book for a week. Its very relaxing.
I am still knitting on the Fronds sweater and am better then half way up the front. The neck shaping is not to far in my future..hee hee..YEAH!!
I also did a bad thing. I went by Village Tea and Yarn and bought 10 balls of pale green Plymouth Encore. When I got home I went searching for the #3 keyplate for my bond knitting frame (ultimate sweater machine). I have had this machine for 25 years. So I could start the pale green sweater...haha!! Anyway, while I was cleaning and digging around I stumbled on the Eggplant sweater (patons Decor) I started last year. AND, I found the #3 keyplate so I finished the back of the Eggplant sweater. It has a pretty berry pattern across the bottom from the book Knitting on the Edge. NOW, I have to make another bottom edge to finish the front. Work work work. What about the green one you ask..I didn't start the green one but I DID draw a design. Terri Shea would be proud of me. I found my notebook that I keep my designs in. I've never published a design but prefer doing my own over patterns in magazines. Wonder why that is? Its not that I don't swatch. I just never make things out of what they call for in the patterns so they never work out like they are supposed to. So, I wind up redesigning them Sometimes its just easier to do it my own way in the first place..Lol. So, I mostly draw a little picture of what I'm aiming for and then put a few notes in. Nothing that anyone else could follow..I don't think. But, I know what it means.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Name

Yes, I changed the name of my Blog. There is another Pixiepurls and I didn't wanna step on her toes. This really fits better anyway.
The ladies of the Thirdplace knitter's group were very helpful in giving me ideas on what to name my blog. Terri her wonderful sweet way suggested "Crazy Annie's" which I laughed at but rejected. I get called crazy enough in my family.. Oh its just mom.. being weird again. Pfft!! Whatever!

Why Frog lake? Remember you asked!-- Deep breath-- Well, I bought my spinning wheel as a kit. My husband was annoyed at me about buying one..instead of allowing him to MAKE me one (maybe, in this lifetime-maybe not). Everytime I went to mention the "spinning wheel" I had bought we had to call it the something else. It therefore, was known as the "Spinning Frog". So, when I received the kit.. Which passed hubbies inspection (oddly enough)! I painted a ballerina frog on one of the foot petals. As a passive aggressive poke at my Dear, Sweet ,long suffering husband. And, Frogs Lake because its sorta like "Swan Lake" (the ballet) but Green..haha

I asked a bead artist if she could replicate my froggy dancer and i think she did a fabulous job. I'm not sure why, but ,she didn't want me to tell anyone she had made it. I think, she wasn't supposed to do side jobs. So, she will remain nameless. I made the hook from an extra long hat pin. Its one of my most favorite things.