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Friday, July 01, 2005

Berry Cluster Cardigan finally done

Berry Cluster Cardigan..before beads

This cardigan is very comfy. Of my own design. The bottom and cuffs are the berry cluster pattern from "Knitting on the Edge". The rest I did on my bond knitting frame. I'm to lazy to follow patterns. Most patterns don't fit me,anyway. Not just because I'm a bit fluffy (ok fat) but I had to have my cloths custom made when I was a skinny girl ,also. Thank you Mother. I'm very long waisted.

I bought silver-blueish beads to be the berries. I'll get around to that. The shawl collar just didn't wanna end. Thought I was going to cry before I finally got it finished.. but I like it! Been wearing it all day.

We did buy the leather furniture we looked at last week end. One HUGE barkalounger (black) and a lovely reddish brown leather sofa. Not at all western looking. Bill has plans to put some wood embellishments on the couch when it August or Sept..He thinks it needs a wood kickplate and that the arm fronts would look good with some swirly wood on it. He likes to do swirly curley German style wood embellishments everywhere. You should see my Kitchen! I'm planning on a little tole painting to girly it up a little. So, it will be OUR couch. It will be so different from the threadbare set we have now.

I have plans to recover the old swivel/rocker to be used in the blue room. But, recovering the couches would be a nightmare so we're planning on pulling the sofa bed out and making a bench/sleeper for either the Rec room or the blue room. We'll let you know when or if this happens :) The loveseat which isn't as worn will go to a good home..Jyll? Marie? Speak up or its gone.

Now on to the next project. I'll have to think about that. I have a green sweater perking in my brain but I also have 2 or 3 UFO's to finish.. whine! Oh yea.. pffft, the sari silk-merino sweater..guess I should get that out of the way. Why am I hearing the music from Psycho's shower scene?

I also have about 30 lbs of roving to spin......I shouldn't get bored. SIGH!! If I complain of being bored.. beat me..ok?

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