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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A lesson in Plying

Yes yes, I own the books.. yes, I did read them. I remember something about twists.. and crimp and bla bla bla. But, truthfully, my brain sees wool.. it goes "spin wool, pedal faster, Wool good... heee heee.." Not much thinking goin on.

So, imagine my surprise when. The little thinking light went on!! It was painful.. believe me. But, plying 2 colors like this really shows you what your doing correctly and incorrectly. I discovered that I've been handling my plying all wrong. Pfft.. go figger. I think I'd been just pretty much slamming the two plys together .. lazy like.

I found that if I run my lightly pinched fingers of one hand up the yarn that it plies much more uniform. Now these are about as perfect as I've ever done. At least to my eye. Am I dreaming or did I get something?

Anyway, I have 6 hanks and I think I should be able to get the body of a sweater out of it with maybe the green as sleeves. I have some lavender as well but it seems to mute the colors where the green makes them pop.

Now to settle on some kind of pattern stitch for the front and leave the back and sleeves plain st stitch. Any Ideas? Pull over or Cardigan?
You guys do know how to leave comments don't you??

close up


Lili said...

Whooo... Great stuff...How about a pattern with random size blocks?? Then it won't matter if you run out of one color.

Anonymous said...

how about a top-down slip stitch pattern? Harmony guide has a couple that might work.

supersonic said...

wow...that yarn is gorgeous! I think my issue is trying to get the yarn the same thickness....(first issue). I have this big long piece of do I break off pieces? How long should my pieces be? How do I make them even? Aaaaack! :)

Anne Turner said...

Glad you like it. Umm to answer your questions here would be difficult. I've added an email link to my me and we'll talk :) or you can catch me on Yahoo IM as Pixalcat.