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Knitting, Spinning and family dementia

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas morning..

Merry Christmas... Many Creatures were stirring. Marshall (youngest son) and my brother Mike came for the day. To the left you see my middle son Wyatt and his Children Trysten, Eryka and little Miss Jayda. Wyatt's wife, Jyll, is Pregnant and couldn't get on the floor with them. We also, had Grandma Rose up for the Weekend.
It was a day of Laughter.. screaming and Joy. One of the best Holidays I've had in years.
Only one we were Missing was Jerico and he managed to call us from California.
I'm so relieved its done!!
Can't wait for next year..

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Its Coming... OMG.. I gotta get to work. Not going to list what I'm making just going to say that most of it involves Alpaca. Mmmm, What could it be?

Think think..hee hee.. Maybe, she's making socks? Maybe, she's making Scarves? Mmmm, MAYBE, she's Knitting a New House for Wyatt and Jyll (wish I could do that). She could Knit a car cover for Marshall?

Ok, My Darlings..your just going to have to wait and see!!

Maybe I should mention here all the family excitement! Jayda will be 2 next Friday Dec.18..can you believe it? Twin sisters- Jami is 6 months Preg and Jyll(daughter inlaw) is 1 month Pregnant.. yes readers.. I'm gonna be a grandma, again! And, a Grandma Aunt. They are just trying to keep me busy.. I see what their doing! Can't fool me.

Marshall has Rented an Apt. close to home and will be moving in Jan. Right across the Freeway from us... A meer 3 traffic lights!! I'm so excited. He really did need to move far away to begin with. I think it was very Maturing.. for both of us. But, now he's realized all his friends and family are here and finally he has started to miss us! The business he works for is moving into downtown Seattle so it all works to our advantage

Oldest son Jerico, got a new job. He will be working for a large off shore shipping firm who will send him to San Diego to work on a research ship. No more wading hip deep in Fish guts and scraping Ice off his glasses. He's a happy happy guy.