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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I lived threw Thanksgiving

Turned out yummy. Smoked Turkey made by my lovely husband, Bill. Only picture I've stolen off his computer, so far. I will try to post more later. Wyatt and Jyll and 3 of the Grandkids came and made the day worth all the work. Jerico was home from the sea. Although Marshall had to work (!!!!!!!!) he still came. I saved him a plate of everything and half a fruitcake as requested. All in all a good day..especially after I had a beer and unclinched.
Picture shows a tiny corner of my kitchen. I guess you could call it the main working area. There is also a dining table (where Bill must have been standing to take the picture) and if he swung to his left you would have seen Wyatt and Jyll sitting at the breakfast bar, trying not to grab the turkey.

BUT, back to knitting. Working on BLACK, black, black fingerless mitts which I'm nearly done with. Restarted my Peacock sweater. Bought yarn to make a pullover out of Inca Gold in green (Thanks Mike for the Birthday gift card) picture at bottom. I may have finally found a yarn that will work for the cloisters sweater ,that I've had so much trouble with. I WANT this sweater bad. Only problem is that the original was knit in homespun. I haven't been able to find anything that gives the same gauge without being to loose or bullet proof. Debby at VYT suggested, Frog Tree Alpaca, I think it mightl work on size 3's. I ran up a couple swatches yesterday. But, I may have to wait till Christmas to get the yarn. Of course, it couldn't work out of stuff I had in my stash.. oh NO.. no way.. sigh. hee hee.

I should be knitting gifts. Maybe I'll sneak some of those in too!! Rather liking this little neck warmer from

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

ThanksGiving Thoughts

I love the food. I love my relatives. I HATE Thanksgiving. I always have a break down and cry. It doesn't matter who does the cooking. Whats up with that??

Monday, November 17, 2008