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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Knitting last!!

Except for the Zipper I have finished the Blue baby bunting. I'm still debating on the hood vs a hat. Yesterday at our usual Saturday Knit in, just Roger and I today, I sewed up all the seams. Today, I'll find a zipper and get that sewn in and Jyll can feel free to have baby Bryce anytime!!

Also, in the last couple weeks I made a short sleeved cardigan in a fishnet pattern of this yarn. Its more springy looking then the picture. Raspberry, Lime and Orangsicle. With A raspberry ruffle of Lornas Lace worsted down the front and neck. It turned out pretty Sexy, I think.

For you that are wondering how I'm adjusting to my Diabetes meds: I'm doing ok. Getting some annoying side effects.. stomach ache and metallic taste in my mouth. Other then that, I'm good. I learned to use the stoooooooooopid blood meter, WHICH I HATE!! I swear I will Loose the damn weight so I don't have to do this anymore! AHEM, anyway.. doing ok. Not crying about it anymore.
For 11 years I homeschooled someone. Then I took care of a Dieing friend. I've been very bored for 2 years! I was wishing for something interesting to do with my now boring life.. be careful what you wish for! I was looking for maybe a job offer......not an illness!! God has a wierd sense of humor. Good thing I'm a buddist! LOL.
Next Project is the shrug I posted last month,in white or seafoam. And, the Pink sweater outa homespun pink/white/blue.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sometimes,Life Sucks

Just when you think everything is going pretty well something hits you and BLAM your all F......ed up! I found out yesterday.....oh goodie.... that I'm borderline diabetic and need Meds till I loose the weight or FOREVER.....whichever happens soonest! Awww HELL!! I adore poking my finger and squeezing blood out.. Oh JOY!!
You can tell I'm all excited by the Tears, Right? Fooled you! This is so messed up.....sigh... Sucks bigtime!

Now on with our show..........gulp

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers day

Fathers day at Wyatt and Jylls. Thats Jyll sitting behind me. Eryka in the doorway..Me, Marshall, Trysten and Jayda.
I especially love this Picture of Jayda and Trysten. She dressed herself! Did a fine job too, don't ya think? NOTICE there is Grass. Who knew that under all that straw was grass seed!
Jyll is due to have her baby any second. I'm working MADLY on the blue bunting. I will finish it!!! I will.. WILL. Its my new Mantra. Hee hee

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oh, What a night.

A story I had to tell!!
Its 2, freaking, am. andI hear a cat scream downstairs..Crystal. My cat (mystic) JETs outa her Hammock( in our bedroom window), screaming her lungs out. She doesn't hit the floor till she's threw the door!! Shes running downstairs because we have a "cat burglar" again! We occasionally get one of two male cats that come threw my girls cat flap to steal thier food. I'm hot on their tails....There he is by the cat flap, looking scared and pitiful. Beautiful Orange sherbet/white fluffy boy. Crystal, is leaning her body against the flap from the outside. I've seen her do this to Mystic..its a joke between them. Mystic(Mitzie) has him from the floor. Ever see a cat do a cartoon run around the room..on the walls? Well he did!! Broke at least one piece of good pottery .. an art piece.. that I was very proud of.
I tried to open the back door to give him an out but it scares him worse so, he runs Upstairs!! I go to open the front door to give him and out and blam......I hear the cat flap. Didn't see a thing. So, I'm not actually sure he's gone. Mitzie is walking around phleming ..searching but seems calm now. I think that was him out the flap...Probably with Crystal chasing him all the way to Canada.
If it wasn't for the pot, I'd be laughing. As it is....I'm not crying about it. This is the pot the City of Mountlake Terrace considered buying 10 years ago. They bought a statue instead. Oh well.....sigh!
Crystal just came in...her search pattern led her up the stairs and down, then out the flap. I'm pretty sure he's not in here. Just in case I'm staying up for a couple hours. Besides my adrenalin is up! I'm not gonna cry!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

OMG its 6/6/06

Lol. I know some people who refused to go to work today. I think they were afraid they would walk into!! Not that it wasn't Hell everyday of the week!!
I suggest, having a Knit-a-thon. See how much you can get done today. Stay home .. do not go I'm KNITTING
If you see the devil..high 5 him and run like a scalded cat ........
Joking, I know..I'm just getting into the spirit of the thing.