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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Knitting last!!

Except for the Zipper I have finished the Blue baby bunting. I'm still debating on the hood vs a hat. Yesterday at our usual Saturday Knit in, just Roger and I today, I sewed up all the seams. Today, I'll find a zipper and get that sewn in and Jyll can feel free to have baby Bryce anytime!!

Also, in the last couple weeks I made a short sleeved cardigan in a fishnet pattern of this yarn. Its more springy looking then the picture. Raspberry, Lime and Orangsicle. With A raspberry ruffle of Lornas Lace worsted down the front and neck. It turned out pretty Sexy, I think.

For you that are wondering how I'm adjusting to my Diabetes meds: I'm doing ok. Getting some annoying side effects.. stomach ache and metallic taste in my mouth. Other then that, I'm good. I learned to use the stoooooooooopid blood meter, WHICH I HATE!! I swear I will Loose the damn weight so I don't have to do this anymore! AHEM, anyway.. doing ok. Not crying about it anymore.
For 11 years I homeschooled someone. Then I took care of a Dieing friend. I've been very bored for 2 years! I was wishing for something interesting to do with my now boring life.. be careful what you wish for! I was looking for maybe a job offer......not an illness!! God has a wierd sense of humor. Good thing I'm a buddist! LOL.
Next Project is the shrug I posted last month,in white or seafoam. And, the Pink sweater outa homespun pink/white/blue.


Norah said...

The baby bunting is so cute! And that's beautiful yarn. Glad you are doing a little better with the meds...

Anonymous said...

Bunting=adorable. Great job!

Metallic taste? That's frikken terrible. I brush my teeth 600 times a day because I can't stand ANY taste in my mouth for long. That would drive me bananas. I'm sorry to hear it! Side effects are always horrible.

At least you don't have the gruesome ones they list on TV commercials. I say metallic taste is a gift next to anal leakage and thoughts of suicide.

Anne Turner said...

LOL Pam, not to mentioned unexpected bleeding and Oily discharge!!
I'm getting used to it. Not liking it but I figure if I loose the weight MAYBE I can get off this stuff for a bit longer. Maybe