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Monday, June 11, 2012

Its JUNE already

I've been a very bad girl.  Really there has been nothing much to post.  I am working on Jerico's skullflakes sweater.   Yes, Jerico I have been knitting at it.  I received some gorgeous cashmere and silk yarn from my friend Sasha ,in Australia, that I'm knitting a cowl from Heartstrings .  One I've made several times.  Only lacy around the top and bottom so just straight knitting that I can do at Thursday (Church of the Holy Stitch) group.  Talking and knitting, at least to me, doesn't work out well.  Drinking and knitting is even!!

  Bill got his Veggie gardens in.  A concrete block house was torn down on our street and he was there mooching blocks to build a new raised garden on the south side of our house.  Lots of sun there. This has always been the 'blind' side of the house.  Down the side where the garage is with no windows to look out on it. The grandkids have discovered that they can run totally around the house even tho Bill put up a gate. 
   I've been gaming a bit.  Discovered a free online mmorpg that I get a kick out of.  Its called Perfect World International.  The graphics are good and the people (the real ones) seem to be very nice.  I've met many people my age or close to (at least thats what they tell me). You get to fly places either with wings or kites or misc. other flying things.  Mostly, the fancy flying things you have to buy with real money.  And, if your a fashion deva , like me, they have outfits you can buy with real money, also.  I try to stick with the ingame armor. I'm on Archosaur server by the names: Pyxxx (pic above), Hilfy, Ayne, Hybiscus or Goldea. Easier if you message me here and I'll find you!

I'm totally in love with my kindle.  A Birthday gift from Marshall.  I'm reading Redshirts by John Scalzi.  The audio version is read by Will Wheaton.  I can't express how MUCH I'm loving books read by Will.  He puts so much emotion and REAL acting into the audibles he does.  If you like Sci Fi with a touch of humor I highly recommend this book.  Actually, anything by John Scalzi is good.  He's my new favorite.  

I joined a sci fi book club at Barnes and Noble this year.  We've read several books I read YEARS ago but lately, we've read Darwins Radio by Greg Bear. I've seen his books on the shelves for years but thought I wasn't smart enough to understand them.  I was wrong.  Liked it so much I bought the sequel.

So, thats what I've been doing.  If anyone reads this blog!