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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stupid car

For all my Saturday Knitting buddies. Husband is changing the power steering pump on my SUV today. Its been making horrible noises for months now. Leaking fluid and all that. So.. won't be there. I will miss you!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm in LOVE

I fell in love with this pattern from Magknits as soon as I saw it. Fighting with the bead needles I have at the moment but I'm going to Michaels tomorrow to find something that will work better. Urge to scream!!
I'll post pictures as soon as I have one finished. I think getting the beads on the thread is going to be the hard
UPDATE: Got the needles, more beads and more thread. I tried really hard not to over shop seed beads. Looking at a variety pack I bought makes me want to get the bead loom out again.
UPDATE 2: I spent Saturday playing with the pattern and wondered why it looked loose. Having trouble keeping the beads from traveling into the next stitch. Then late that night I read blogs of people who have made this bracelet. One specifically was complaining about the size of the needles and thats when I realized. It wasn't 0 (2.0)I was supposed to be using but 0000 (1.25). Where the heck do I find those? I've never seen anything smaller then 0. Wait maybe I have.. at Village yarn and tea!! But, then I thought... Maybe.. I can use the pins I use to make my Spinning wheel threading hooks! We shall see if that works better. I really must want this bracelet BAD!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Boys and Their Toys

Mr. Bill (my husband) and our youngest son, Marshall with their cougars (1999 and 1967). Ain't they a pair...........

Saturday, April 14, 2007

What? Am I awake? I did WHAT??!!

Ginger has talked me into joining her and Emma at the Knitting Expo down by the Airport. I haven't been to a REAL fiber fair. I was hesitant but finally said ,"ok. What time? WHAT??" I didn't sleep most of the night. Didn't realize I'd be so excited!!
Its 7am (7 freaking AM) on a quiet Saturday morning. I'm awake..Really. If I tell you we hit the place like a pack of Ferrets.. does that conjure up a picture? OMG.. I was so restrained!! 3 bags of Roving in different pastelish colorings and some silk hankies in a colorway called Peacock.
This is a picture of the back of Emma's car..left Emma's pile.. Ginger's pile and mine.
Oh .. we didn't just hit the knitting Expo. Oh no, More madness occured! Emma found..on Craigs list.. an advertisement for a Cascade warehouse Sale. Can we say.. WHEEE HAAA! Whole bags of yarn for the price of 2 skeins. WHOLE BAGS!!! They are all laying on the bed in my spare bedroom. I have such an urge to unbag everything and lay in the middle of all of it. Happy happy.
We took our spoils by Village Yarn and Tea to show off and Terri was there. She has self published a beautiful book on Selbu mittens. I knitted a couple pairs and expected to get 1 or maybe 2 free books because of my work. But, NO, she hands me 5. Ya'll know what your getting for Christmas .. right? Hee hee
This is a pic of Eryka (my grand-daughter) wearing a modern adaptation of one of Terri's patterns.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You know your getting Old When:

You go to the grocery store. Your right foot feels odd but then it does sometimes. Get the food..check out and as you walk to the car you look down and realize.. You have 2 totally different shoes on!! Not even the same color! AND, no one else noticed either!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I should make Bill his own Blog

Bill wanted to show everyone both the spindles he made. The one with the dark (black walnut) handle is "MINE"! He's been having so much fun making them. Not being a spinner himself he's been relying on what I say and what he reads. I also have about 8 spindles for him to compare against. These are the same weight or less of my favorite spindle which is kinda large. Its hard to get perspective. The Lathe is NOT a huge machine.. its called a Midi Lathe because its a fraction of the normal size. He used wood from tree limbs from our yard.. Maple and Cherry. The Black Walnut was from a small piece of wood his friend Lynn Weekly gave him YEARS ago. Lynn was/is a very special guy. We lost track of him after his back surgery. He went on the road in his motorhome. I hope he's enjoying life like he always did. I sure appreciate the beautiful piece of wood he gave us. If for some reason he sees this "CALL" damn it!