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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What? Am I awake? I did WHAT??!!

Ginger has talked me into joining her and Emma at the Knitting Expo down by the Airport. I haven't been to a REAL fiber fair. I was hesitant but finally said ,"ok. What time? WHAT??" I didn't sleep most of the night. Didn't realize I'd be so excited!!
Its 7am (7 freaking AM) on a quiet Saturday morning. I'm awake..Really. If I tell you we hit the place like a pack of Ferrets.. does that conjure up a picture? OMG.. I was so restrained!! 3 bags of Roving in different pastelish colorings and some silk hankies in a colorway called Peacock.
This is a picture of the back of Emma's car..left Emma's pile.. Ginger's pile and mine.
Oh .. we didn't just hit the knitting Expo. Oh no, More madness occured! Emma found..on Craigs list.. an advertisement for a Cascade warehouse Sale. Can we say.. WHEEE HAAA! Whole bags of yarn for the price of 2 skeins. WHOLE BAGS!!! They are all laying on the bed in my spare bedroom. I have such an urge to unbag everything and lay in the middle of all of it. Happy happy.
We took our spoils by Village Yarn and Tea to show off and Terri was there. She has self published a beautiful book on Selbu mittens. I knitted a couple pairs and expected to get 1 or maybe 2 free books because of my work. But, NO, she hands me 5. Ya'll know what your getting for Christmas .. right? Hee hee
This is a pic of Eryka (my grand-daughter) wearing a modern adaptation of one of Terri's patterns.


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted, I think I need a nap.

Anne Turner said...

I'm exhausted... I took a nap, I'm still exhausted

Barb said...

Haha! I'm proud of you. I was debating if I would go or not, but I ended up hanging with the family and going out to lunch (and whale watching it turned out). It's the first time I've missed the Expo in several years. I'd be pondering if I should go tomorrow, but it looks like you got most of it! (grin) I got Terri's book in the mail yesterday. Good thing because it would have pushed me into going tomorrow if I didn't already have my "fiber-candy" for the weekend. Thanks for sharing your day.

Anonymous said...

I was too exhausted to take a nap. How weird is that?

amy said...

ok i am so jealous of the cheap cascade. what a bargain!