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Monday, December 31, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Party at Elsa and Rays

Lots of good food and friends.....I even had most of A beer.  Very unlike me..Loads of fun

Monday, November 26, 2012


Not everyone is in this Picture that Katie(Jericos girlfriend)took.  But, Left and around are Marshall, Mike(My brother), Wyatt(missing) Trysten,Jayda,Bryce(background), Me, Bill.. Empty chair is  Sneaky girl.
Ton of food.. lots of laughs.

Jerico has been on his ship in the Arctic.  To cold up there!! We missed Jerico, who was stuck up in Alaska waiting out a storm so, they could proceed to Steward. Where they are now.  Hope he's home soon for Christmas.

In knitting I'm making Alpaca pink and green fingerless gloves.  One green.  I'm thinking of doing a pattern up the body of them but am still on the cuffs.  Pictures when done.

Friday, November 02, 2012

R.I.P. Mitzie.. November 1, 2012

We originally called her Mystic but it gradually went to Mitzie.  She was 14 yr old and developed cancer and gradually declined over the last year.. the last 4 days were the worst.  We had the funeral for her today.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Marshall in his new Coat

In my kitchen.. Best light on a rainy day.  He's off to the Seattle Steam punk convention.  Ya I know his sleeves are a little short but he's wearing leather bracers over them anyway.  I guess, he decided not to wear a hat and I made him take down his ponytail.  Really needs to be brushed out.  But, ain't he a cutie??  Hope he has a wonderful time!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Latest Task

Marshall bought a plain black wool coat... turned out to be 2 sizes to small.  He says,"Mom, can you fix it?"  and I say, "Sure!"  duh
Well, after a month.....many headaches and several trial and errors here it is!  People want pictures now so I won't wait till he tries it on.  Bill already did and it looks great!
Pleather inserts in the sleeves and Tapestry on the shoulders and back make it fit better.  The Giant clasp on the back was Marshalls to begin with.  12 silver buttons.. OH my fingers!! Alot of handwork!
This is for a Steam punk convention...Vampire hunter costume.  Pictures of it on him by Halloween. I promise!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chair finished

 3 coats of out door varathane  .. tadah
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Bill made

My old plastic Adirondack chair broke so Bill built me a QUEEN chair.  I'm planning on painting a rose or 2 on the back before he stains it.  Will post more pics when that is done.  Ain't it purdy?
All painted.. next is Stain and varathane

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Time flies when your putting stuff Most of July I spent painting the rec room.  A little every couple days.  I found a crochet shawl pattern I like and am on my 3rd.  They are fast and easy. I plan on putting them in my "OH CRAP, I need a gift" box.  Its called the Aurelie Shawl and its on Ravelry. This is the picture from the pattern but my first one was a similar color. I like the butterflys down the back.

Found out after much nervousness and hand wringing that I DON'T have to sign up for Social Security this year.  Not till next.....I have to be 65 +11mo. crazy huh.  But I have to sign up for Medicare now.  So made an appt for that since the website kept locking up on me.  They are very helpful at the 1-800 number.  He tried to walk me threw the website but it locked up twice so we gave it up. Have no idea what I will do with part ABCor D.  I'll deal with that later. 

Jerico and Gf Katie are back at work on their seperate ships. Funny how they will be working the same area of the world but not be together.  Its only for a month this time. Who knows .. Maybe they will see each other and get to wave. 

On books.....I'm slowly working my way threw - Jim Butcher's series- The Dresden files. I won't put up pics of the books because there are something like 15 of them.  I'm on 6...since last month.  Ya I'm liking them alot.  Book club has a new book for us this month too but for the life of me I can't remember what it is.  I haven't read it yet, better do that.  I did get it on the Kindle tho.  THANK YOU Marshall for my Kindle Fire. I never expected to love it so MUCH!

On a family note....this about says it: Those are my 3 silly

Sunday, July 08, 2012

More Book Stuff

One of my Sci fi book club recommended a series to me.  Said, I'd love it....Which I do!!  In the last 3 weeks I've read the book assigned..Sun Diver and 3 of Jim Butcher's Series.. The Dresden files.  I even found the Showtime series on Hulu and watched all of them! 
I really should slow down.  I know there are about 15 books in this series but I'm going threw them so fast.  Love them!

Painting the WRECK....

Going to have to change the name to the TEAL room.  I picked this color to show off Bills woodworking. Which, I have to say, It does!  Falling in love with this room.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


What we woke up to on Monday Morning.  Yes, those are Bees....on my favorite chair!  Good thing I didn't sit down in my nightgown!!  Kinda, good thing its been raining!!  The internet says they should be gone in a couple days.....theres a Queen in there somewhere.....they are moving thier hive.  WEIRD HUH??

NOTE:  The majority of the bees left on Wednesday.  Bill made them a box and about 6 have stayed.  Not sure if there is a Queen in there or ,as Bill put it, "he'd made a retirement home for old bees!"  The ones that stayed seem to be buzzzy.. so we'll wait and watch.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Its JUNE already

I've been a very bad girl.  Really there has been nothing much to post.  I am working on Jerico's skullflakes sweater.   Yes, Jerico I have been knitting at it.  I received some gorgeous cashmere and silk yarn from my friend Sasha ,in Australia, that I'm knitting a cowl from Heartstrings .  One I've made several times.  Only lacy around the top and bottom so just straight knitting that I can do at Thursday (Church of the Holy Stitch) group.  Talking and knitting, at least to me, doesn't work out well.  Drinking and knitting is even!!

  Bill got his Veggie gardens in.  A concrete block house was torn down on our street and he was there mooching blocks to build a new raised garden on the south side of our house.  Lots of sun there. This has always been the 'blind' side of the house.  Down the side where the garage is with no windows to look out on it. The grandkids have discovered that they can run totally around the house even tho Bill put up a gate. 
   I've been gaming a bit.  Discovered a free online mmorpg that I get a kick out of.  Its called Perfect World International.  The graphics are good and the people (the real ones) seem to be very nice.  I've met many people my age or close to (at least thats what they tell me). You get to fly places either with wings or kites or misc. other flying things.  Mostly, the fancy flying things you have to buy with real money.  And, if your a fashion deva , like me, they have outfits you can buy with real money, also.  I try to stick with the ingame armor. I'm on Archosaur server by the names: Pyxxx (pic above), Hilfy, Ayne, Hybiscus or Goldea. Easier if you message me here and I'll find you!

I'm totally in love with my kindle.  A Birthday gift from Marshall.  I'm reading Redshirts by John Scalzi.  The audio version is read by Will Wheaton.  I can't express how MUCH I'm loving books read by Will.  He puts so much emotion and REAL acting into the audibles he does.  If you like Sci Fi with a touch of humor I highly recommend this book.  Actually, anything by John Scalzi is good.  He's my new favorite.  

I joined a sci fi book club at Barnes and Noble this year.  We've read several books I read YEARS ago but lately, we've read Darwins Radio by Greg Bear. I've seen his books on the shelves for years but thought I wasn't smart enough to understand them.  I was wrong.  Liked it so much I bought the sequel.

So, thats what I've been doing.  If anyone reads this blog!  


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last summers remodel

Laundry room Bill did last summer.  Should have a before pic but it was so ugly.  Now the little window doesn't try to pop out everytime someone slams a door.  Everything is painted white or lavender.. same paint we later used in the bathroom.
So bright and shiny that its almost like being snow! One year later....its still clean and neat!

Bill's projects

Lovely lavender bathroom.. all new plumbing, new floor, new mirror  and shelves..all made by Bill.  Its SO CLEAN!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Header

Not that I want a frog in my coffee but my first instinct was to burst out laughing.  It will do till I finish my frog ballerina puppet.  Heads done......designing the body.  HOPEFULLY, she will be somewhat Kermit shaped threw the head.  I'm knitting and then going to felt it.   Pictures when done.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shower done!

I got to take the new tub/shower for a "wet" run.  Meaning I took my first BATH in probably 20 years.  So nice and CLEAN.  The new hardware works wonderful.  Foot friendly.  Can turn it on and off with a  The handrail is a new idea for us and it was very useful.  Had to finish quick because Jerico will be home tomorrow and the shower rod should "MAYBE" beat him by a few hours. 

Next is the rest of the walls and plumbing.  The old plumbing is a rusty nightmare.  It will be wonderful.
Thanks Bill!!!

Flamingo Mitts for Laurie

My niece has a thing for Flamingos like I have a thing for frogs.  I have them out blocking.  I can see I need to shift one of the thumbs.  I actually put the thumb in the same spot but made it so you could wear them on either hand.  I like the colors finally. Tore them out 3 times.  First to change the pink and second because they were to small/tight.  Hopefully these work and Floyd (her plastic flamingo) will approve and allow her to wear them!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another day Snowing

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Lots of knitting happening.  On my 3rd go 'round on the flamingo mitts.  One nearly finished, #2 about half way.  Ya, I know I usually knit both at once but I didn't have long enough needles.

Also, making a potato chip scarf.  Out of a Noro looking acrylic in hot pinks to purple. I usually only work on it at "Church of the holy stitch" meetings cuz I can't gab and knit at the same time.

Yes, I am enjoying the snow...hanging out in my PJs. So far, we still have power and I did manage to go grocery shopping yesterday so....we're good.

Wednesday-kitchen roof


Looks like my cat (Dark) Crystal.  But she would never do such a thing.....knock on wood!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I get all giggly when it snows!!  Till I have to go somewhere in the

Friday, January 13, 2012

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bills latest Project.

New plumbing and new tub surround in the works. Quick before Jerico get home from work. He should be home in 3 weeks. Hard to believe how clogged the old plumbing was. Its a wonder we had any water flow at all.
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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pyrography....woods a fiber?

I asked for a wood burning set for my Birthday.  These are 2 of the ornaments that Bill made on his lathe and I decorated.  One now belonging to my friend Pearl, who got it in an ornament exchange.

I've also done a few boxes and several bracelets that Bill made.  Lots of fun!  I can see that I'm going to have to clear my old pottery studio out do this in.  Not the best smell for "in the house".

On knitting.  Working on Jerico's sweater, Laurie's mitts and a potato chip scarf.  Pictures when I finish the scarf.