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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


What we woke up to on Monday Morning.  Yes, those are Bees....on my favorite chair!  Good thing I didn't sit down in my nightgown!!  Kinda, good thing its been raining!!  The internet says they should be gone in a couple days.....theres a Queen in there somewhere.....they are moving thier hive.  WEIRD HUH??

NOTE:  The majority of the bees left on Wednesday.  Bill made them a box and about 6 have stayed.  Not sure if there is a Queen in there or ,as Bill put it, "he'd made a retirement home for old bees!"  The ones that stayed seem to be buzzzy.. so we'll wait and watch.


Ginger said...

Very cool, they look like Italians!

Anne Turner said...

I realize you've been studying but Italians? I'm gonna have to look into that. Most spiraled off like a Hurricane on Wednesday. Bill built a box and a few moved in and are still there. Must have been more then one queen. He's having fun!!