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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Knitting again!

Hello again! I took most of July off because of tendonitis. It seems to be better so I tried knitting and it doesn't seem to bother it. So, I started knitting socks out of this lovely Socks that Rock colorway called "Storybook".
I'm about halfway threw sock one and picking up the gusset in sock two. I seperated them for doing the gussets this time. Not sure why. I usually manage them both at the same time. Oh well.

The Alyce tee is sitting. I did get threw all the short rows without killing myself or anyone else. Tho, I'm sure Bill feels a little the worse for wear cuz I screamed and pulled my hair a bit. I read on Ravelry that someone is doing this sweater as their very first. I can't imagine. I've been knitting for 30+ years and its giving me fits.

The weather got cold for several weeks. Was a nice change but yesterday it decided to heat up. Usually its around 100 this time of year. Sigh.

My brother is going to have surgery. He was hoping to get out of it. Hoping they could just drain it now and then but no. So, Around the first of Sept its scheduled. I have no idea how they plan on getting around all the scar tissue from #1 surgery. They have to go threw his back and collapse his lung to get at it. Not so easy on a 350 lb man who doesn't excersize.

Jerico is coming home in..mmm.. 10 days. Trying to get my yarn mess under control so he can use that room. I'm hoping this time he'll get his own place. He's been talking about buying a condo with room for Marshall to share and keep his things safe while he's out of town. That makes good sense to me. He has also, talked about getting a boat to live on. have it sit 8 mo of the year empty, doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Thats it for now..