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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Quick Catch Up

So, I was talking to my, longtime, friend Judy. When she lightly suggests I make her a BIG soft fluffy shawl. Absolutely plain. No beads..Just warm. So, here is Judy's Shawl made of Lion brand Homespun in Candy Apple color. The only feature is the yarn over increases. It should come to her knees or just below. I have about 3 inches left or 12 rows.

Been another quiet week. I did finish the blue wrap/poncho and will post a picture when I figure out where I left it..probably in the car.

Bill is still on strike. Love having him around. Maybe, I can stand to have him retire.

Still waiting for the couch. It was supposed to have been shipped the 15th of Sept. Hopefully, it will be on the delivery truck tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

My eldest son, Jerico, has been vacationing in St. Croix Virgin Islands. He was supposed to get home on Thursday but we haven't heard a word. A bit worried because of all the Hurricanes down that way. Of course, they might have just put him back to work as soon as he got home.

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