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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Poor little Lamb

Got an Email from my friend Sascha in Australia. I thought I'd share the story with you. Living in the City, I never would ever dream this could happen.
Sascha was on her way to her sisters lavender farm. A very long trip from home(14 hour drive). She was about half way when, what did she see on the side of the busy Highway...this little Lamb!! Realizing it was alive she quickly turned back. Thinking that it had strayed from some local farm, she drove around for hours trying to find its home. But a local vet told her, they are born on the trucks and fall threw the slats sometimes. She was a very long way from home. Going back was out of the question, she continued towards her sisters.
She tells me that the lamb barely weighed more then a cat and was very little trouble. She bedded it down in a laundry basket. All the tourists at the Lavender farm loved him. Sascha agonized about taking him home with her but she lives in the mountains. Very cold, wet and rainy. One of her sisters friends owns an animal farm. She promised to take good care of him and she could visit or at least get updates via her sister about his well being.
Must have been horribly hard for her to leave him. She's always talking about her Cats and the local animals that wander around her property. I love the stories.

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