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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Following the Flow

I'm a firm believer in following the flow. Its like a path. Sometimes, its not even your path but someone else's that you influence. But, for this story..its for me!!

I decided I wanted to go to lunch. Ya know, get out of the house..for any reason. Ok, I've decided to go out to lunch but..mmmm, where?

I just got in the car and went. First, I went bead shopping. Perfectly good sandwich shop practically next door.."no, thats not it". Then I drove more .. back the way I'd come. I thought well, this is nutz..I recognized the fickle finger of fate..just drive Anne.

I drive past several restaurants that said "maybe" to me but none said "stop". Ok, I told myself, go for a drive down by the beach in Edmonds. See if the Edmonds Art Festival is indeed this week end. So I drove.. my wheels took me straight to Anthonys home port. Where, over 2 months ago, I lost my handspun sweater. I pulled in the parking lot. Oh, there's a space!! wow!! Thats rare! I got out of the car and headed for the entrance to the beach cafe (the cheap section) but people were in the waiting area so I headed back to the car..then thought oh, what the heck, go in. So, I did. I got a table outside immediately. The other people were a large group waiting for an inside table.. lucky me!! And, just on the off chance this is where the flow was leading me, I asked if they had a turquoise sweater in the Lost and Found.

I should mention that Anthony's beach cafe makes the best Blackened Rockfish tacos with pineapple kiwi salsa. All the way there I had tasted something bright.. sweet but sour. That's why I kept passing restaurants. Meanwhile, I'm planning how to go to the Marina office and see if they have my sweater. The waitress hasn't come back so they obviously don't have it. Sigh. Couldn't be that easy. The sweater is long gone. Let it go!

When I hear. "Is this It?" My head whipped around... OMG.. IT IS!!! Its my favorite.. handspun, handknit, self of a kind sweater!! OMG.!! I think I'm gonna cry.

Lost and Found

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