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Monday, August 15, 2005

Eggplant Diagonal Sweater

Well its almost done. Half way threw the button band. Had to take a picture now!! Couldn't wait!!
The yarns are both handspun. It started out to be a vest.. but somewhere along the line I realized..HELL, I don't wear vests!! So, I had to design sleeves. I had to find a yarn that would compliment the body.. I RAN OUTA YARN!! Thats why it took 2 years to finish. While I was moving my yarn in to Marshalls old bedroom (now known as the Blue Room) I ran across my very first roving (God, I love Ebay). Marie and I had nicknamed it "The Bloodclot" its actual name is "Midnight Rose". Either fits it. It has bits of the same eggplantish color in it. So, I spun up the rest. Its hard after spinning for 2 or 3 yrs. Perfecting my thin and uniform yarn to have to go back and spin like a Noobie.. fat skinny. But thats what I had to do. You see I'd spun up about half of it already. It had to match.. didn't it?
I worked a little chevronish pattern up the sleeves. To make it match the diagonal knit body .. which was actually knitted diagonally. I thought that it would be a challenge but turned out to be real easy.
The Buttons in the top picture are VERY old. I'm not certain how old. They are Plastic or Bakalite (spelling). My mother told me they came off Great Aunt Goldies Mink coat when mom cut it down to a Jacket. I still have some of the mink. I made antique doll coats out of it. I used to collect dolls. Anyway, Goldie would be 105 now so...who knows how old the buttons are. I checked them with the Magnifier and they look solid. Cross your fingers they don't disintergrate or burst into flames or something.

This is Marie- who also Knits and Spins

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