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Sunday, May 08, 2005

To Do List

1. Finish Frond Tee - cotton fleece from brown sheep
2. Yoked cardigan-Jo sharpe and knit picks yarns..I've been collecting.
3. Lace cardigan..shawl collar-Vogue knitters sum/spr 2004.
4. Sockies for my honey
5. Pink woolpeddlers shawl- from wool I picked up at WW for Mothers Day.
6. Lavender something.. the Rowen yarn I picked up for mothers day at weaving works.
7. Rug yarn crocheted into .. duh.. a rug. I inherited a ton of yarn when my Dad passed away.
8. Finish mitred square throw -combo of homespun and other yarns
9. Finish the Sari Silk/Merino SWEATER.. AHHH!!
10. Henry's attic- Cuddles yarn cardigan

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