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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

Today All my kids except Jerico, who is in Alaska, came by. Jerico did call,tho.

Happy Mother's day to me. These are My Grandkids (Wyatt and Jyll's kids) Jayda (17mo), Trysten (3+) and Eryka (almost 9)
Miss Jayda- Look She's walking!! Around and around grandmas over grown flower beds.

Eryka, Jayda and Trysten
All playing in the slightly wet sand box. Trysten discovered that slugs are UCK! He's says "MAMA, UCKY!!" as he is trying to give the baby slugs to Jayda to.. I don't know.. eat?
Husband Bill listened!! I got hand held gardening tools!! I've been bitching for weeks that someone lost my "chopper digger". So, he went out and bought me 2 that are wayyyy better then the one I had before..WAY!! I can hardly wait for decent weather.

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