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Monday, May 16, 2005

What should I make out of this? Ideas Please

spins up SHINEY
Merino Tencil in Pinks and Greys:
Jen brought some of her lovely fibers and yarns to show and perhaps sell from the Maryland Sheep convention. I fell in love with the pink, of course. Started spinning it as soon as I put my bag down when I got home,after knitting on Sat..
I tried to ply it but I didn't like it. I'm thinking of leaving it as singles and making something lacy with LOTS of holes in it. I hesitate to make another flower basket shawl but I may use it for that. I can give it as a gift for Christmas or something. Or, who knows. You can never have to many shawls can you?

spun up singles


terri said...

No, you can never have too many shawls. I think it would make a fabulous flower Basket.

Jyll said...

that is beautiful yarn!!