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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Viking knitting

I took a class from Valerie Day last month. Like usual when I start a new craft, I bought 10 rolls of silver art wire and went into production mode. Experimenting all over the place. I especially like the bracelet with the large Jade stone. Since this picture was taken I've made earrings with crystals woven threw it. And, a black wire bracelet.
This week I get to be Teachers helper for the new class. I'm excited.
Jerico asked if I could make a necklace thats thicker. I'll have to work on that. You pull the woven wire threw holes in an Oak board and I won't have any holes large enough. Bill will have to make me something if he has time.
Next I think I will actually try knitting with the wire. I have a necklace idea I'd like to try.
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