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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Power Outages

Global ass!! Thursday evening one of the worst windstorms we've had in more then 10 years hit. BLAM...zzzzzt!! Blue flashes.
Marshall has a lovely view of the local Substation. He tells us that it was the 4th of July. Worth the!! What a show. But, he only lost power for the night. We have been out for 2 days.
Luckily we have a woodstove and Bill and I both know how to live without power. I lived 4 years in Hawaii. In the back country during the late 60s early 70s. Most of the houses I lived in(moved around alot) had no power and if we were lucky had their own water supply (not always). I know how to build a fire.. I know how to cook most anything on a fire, woodstove or, Hell, I've even cooked over candles! So no biggie.
My brother, Mike's, power is still out. Poor guy is freezing(all electric apartment) and needs an oxygen breathing set up to sleep. We thawed him out and told him, yes, he can stay over night. He just ran home to get some supplies and is going to settle down in the Girly room again. Hee hee!! Oh yes, there is SNOW in the weather forecast.
I was just beginning to have Internet withdrawals! Ooo and I got assigned my spin to knit "secret pal"-Welcome to my world Rebecca. Mwhahahahahaha.. giggle!! Wonder if she likes Pink? Just kidding.
Anyone from the local yarn shop can tell you, I've aquired massive amounts of sheepy goodness in the form of FREE fleeces. I have received 4 this year alone.. one thrown away by the processer (buggies) and one..ahem.. LOST??? On its way back to me 6 weeks ago. It could still turn up but her stuff usually only takes 2 or 3 days. Can you imagine some poor guy getting that package by mistake .. trying to #1 figure out what it is and #2 why anyone would have it mailed to That still means I have 2 from this year! 1 from last year and several I've bought or been gifted. Fiber actually plucks at my sleeve as I pass it.. whispering, "Buy me!"
Anyway.. thats my update. One good thing out of this power outage is that I finished all my Christmas knitting. Now I can start spinning again!!! Wheee haaa!!!

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Rebecca said...

Pink is good. Basically, any color is good. Except for puce. I've never been a big fan of puce. Besides, I've always thought it sounded too much like puke! Sorry you're getting hit with the cold stuff, we've been getting just the opposite here. Strange. Very. Very. Strange.