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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

We did present opening on Christmas eve. You never realize how quiet your life is till the grandkids leave. It was deafening.
Bryce (5mo) was all bright eyes and giggles. What a happy baby. I had so much fun holding him.
Trysten(5) has grown a foot since I saw him at Thanksgiving! How is that possible. He looks like a KID..not a toddler anymore. He loved his presents but seems to really like Bryce's lil plastic hammer that lights up and makes a funny noise when you hit things. Like Gramma's and Jerico's HEAD!! Never laughed so hard!
Jayda(3) got more things then a lil girl could ever use. I missed seeing Eryka(11). Her Dad seems to think its ok to steal her away every Christmas. I find it horribly annoying!! I don't even get to see her open her presents. Makes me sad.
All my boys were here. Marshall got me a back lite keyboard so I don't have to fight to see the keys! The light shines threw the keys.. you can have them Blue, Red or.. TADAH, Purple.. OMG guess what color I have it set on!! Hee hee!!
I got Pjs and lotion.. little wooden boxes, a Silver embossed box and gift certs. There was no room to move in the house. I was nested on the couch and could not move by the end of the night.

For those keeping track. I was depressed Christmas eve morning. Cried a bit. I know its dumb and a waste of energy but, I miss my mom. She died 17 years ago and every Christmas I miss her something horrible. Merry Christmas Mommy, wherever you are. Wish I could get past it but I think just accepting it is all I can hope for.
But, the Grandkids showing up fixed everything! So its all good.
Hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday.
Next big thing is my 33rd wedding Anniversary on New Years Eve. WHAT? You didn't know all the noise and Fireworks were for my Anniversary.. Tsk! Where have you been...LOL


Sharon Rose said...

Never feel bad about missing your Mom. I still miss my sister, too. Hope your day was as great as mine! "Night at the Museum" and "The Good Shepard" both rocked!

Barb said...

What a lovely Christmas Eve to be surrounded by family. In spirit and in person.

Rebecca said...

I'm sure your Mom misses you too. Mine has always told me, as long as I think of her she'll never be far.