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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pictures at LAST

So, I finally got some pictures taken. These are taken on my Stairs landing with my Favorite picture (framed poster) call the Accolade.
These are all my projects for the last 6 months or so. The ones I still have at any rate. I thought I'd be smart and put make up on. One was so Halloween scary witch that I cut my head off..on purpose. Didn't want any screaming babies on my conscience.
#1 is the Purple Fillet crochet cardigan I made from the yarn that my Epal Sascha (in Australia) sent me last year. Really should have taken more pains with my make-up. I look like Liza Minelli.
#2 Is the Pink varigated yarn I spun from fiber I bought from Village Yarn and favorite hang out.
#3 Is the Shrug made of Calmer (cotton) that I just love (that had the witch face, me..cut off)

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supersonic said...

You so do NOT look like Liza Manelli....sheeesh! I LOVE all of these but the pink most of all!!!! I have yet to knit me anything remotely wearable beyond a hat! I'd love to knit a shall, though!