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Saturday, May 06, 2006

What I think is Sexy!!

Oh Dear Reader....What really turns a woman on? Is it cologne, flowers or a handsome face?
For me? Mmmm.. the smell of sawdust, linseed oil or fresh mown grass or Clay. When I see a man covered in hard earned saw dust with his safety glass all hazed up.. gives me the shivers. I lie to you..NOT!
Its what brought my husband and I together..Bill's ability to build things. Since we first got married we've worked on building projects together. Fixing up an old farm house then our present house. We built a 2 story addition off the side and a kitchen additon. Just the 2 of us. Those were some of the happiest days of my young life.
So is it any wonder that I actually, gave up my Saturday Knitting group to hang out with these 2 sexy men. My husband, Bill and my youngest son, Marshall. They have been working on refinishing an antique table Bill bought before we met.. over 34 years ago. Its always been to large for our kitchen but will just fit perfectly into Marshalls Dining room.

Here you see the legs of this lovely old table. My husband ran them threw his new lathe to fix broken parts and generally smooth them out.
You can see the Lathe in the picture of Marshall.. its the RED metal dealie. Which has been lovingly named, Scarlet. It should make me Jealous.. but today,

Chuck showed up. Chuck being an attachment for Scarlet. Scarlet is now capable of making bowls.. boxes etc. Can you tell I'm getting excited? Chuck is something for Bill to worry about! Most of you may not know that for years.. since 1986.. I've been a ceramic artist and potter. Things that are ROUND..... turn me Or, maybe its things that go around? Which includes my Spinning wheel.
Gotta run... I hear the table saw!! I smell wood. Mmmmm giggle

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