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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My famous Friends.. this is a commercial

This is one of my long(14 years) suffering friends~~
Judy Gregerson
Her new book "The Bad Girl's Club" will be in the bookstores late 2006 early 2007. I'm so excited for her. Please check out her site and buy buy buy

I should also mention, Terri Shea's latest. While the book isn't exactly hers the Cover sweater IS.. Good job terri. You Rock!! "Big Girl Knits" If your a real sized gotta have this book!
She is now waiting for a Publisher to buy her Nordic Mitten book.. fingers crossed.

I wish both these lovely ladies the BEST of luck!!


tem2 said...

Judy's new site looks awesome!

Anne Turner said...

Wow.. the almost famous Greg Fishbone read my BLOG..I'm getting a case of the vapors!!
Yes, her new site is great. I hope her book hits the bigtime.. and Yours too. I can't wait till both come out!!