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Monday, May 15, 2006

Remembering the Girl, Who is Now a Woman

This is my Friend Marie. Known her since the day she was born. Somewhere I have pictures of her younger but these are my favorites. You can see how sweet and a bit outrageous she is.

Never wanted Pink or Girly.. even tho she was always very She was really my son, Marshalls friend. The little Naked 2 year old that showed up after a snow storm wanting Marshall to come play. Oh yes, she had her shoes on.. wrong feet.. but when asked if she was cold..she said," no". About the shoes.. "I like them that way!" Its one of my favorite stories about her.

She was always into crafts. Everything I did.. she wanted to do too. She knits and spins very well. For years we hung out and did crafts.. went to movies and lunches. She used to say the real reason she hung around me was that I fed her. Truth is, she usually did most of the cooking. I even went so far as to try to homeschool her for 2 years. She was always smarter then me but we had fun.

She went away last January to do something SO OUTRAGEOUS that it shocked even her most Unshockable friends. She came back a few days ago and Just Look at her NOW!!!

Can you believe this!! She's studying How to BLOW SHIT UP..Ordinance school. I wish her all the luck in the world. Of course I'm worried about her,also!!

Such a rich and complicated Young woman. So many depths that when you think you've figured her out... she changes. Always keeps life interesting.

Way to go Marie!!


Norah said...

Marie looks like she's doing well---it's so cool to read about her.

Anne Turner said...

Yea its really interesting to watch people grow up, huh? Ya just never know.